Organ Harvesting Horror – Little Girl Stolen for Her Organs


An unnamed young girl was smuggled into the UK from Somalia for the express purpose of harvesting her organs for people who will buy them on the black market. It is unlikely that this is the only case.

For every crime that is uncovered, many more go unnoticed in the underworld of human traffickers. Traffickers wouldn’t take the risk for just one child – there have to be others.

Just the thought of that strikes horror in the heart of most people.

In 2012, an adult woman was saved who was brought into the UK to remove her organs.


Criminal gangs in the UK want to exploit the need for human organs for profit.

A UK report notes that human trafficking has risen to record levels and is up 50% in one year. Usually these monsters use the children for sexual exploitation and slavery.

child slavery

A child of slavery

Children are being smuggled out of Vietnam, Nigeria China, Romania, Bangladesh, Somalia et al. British girls have also been snatched and raped by gangs of Asian men.

The telegraph has the story.

There is a global organ trade. The organ mafia thrives throughout the world and it’s very lucrative. People in need of organs will forego all decency and all morality to buy an illicit organ. Kidneys are the most popular because they cause the fewest problems and garner up to €160,000.

People in need of organs will travel to foreign countries for them. The donors are often people who have been exploited.

China allows the organ harvesting of executed prisoners. There aren’t enough prisoners unless they arrest the innocent.

There are secret prisons for the innocent, particularly people who practice Falun Gong, a spiritual and wellness movement in Asia. These people are not recognized by the government because the communists deem them to be a cult which leaves them without rights.

Once imprisoned, they are forced into slavery, raped, tortured, and tested for organ transplantation. Since they don’t exist in the eyes of the government, they are left without rights and they escape the watchful eye of human rights organizations. It is believed that 30,000 to 65,000 Falun Gong have been killed for their organs.

There was a time when drug trafficking was not anywhere near the problem it is today and the mafia in this country would not engage in it. That has all changed. As we watch the organ trade, it too will grow out of all control if we don’t take strong steps now to stop it.


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