OSU Forces Leftist Brainwashing on Freshman


Oregon State University is developing an online course centered on “social justice” that new students will soon be required to take.

Social Justice is not justice at all and it’s Marxist.  Social justice is the complete economic equality of all members of society even if they didn’t earn it – it mandates redistribution all wealth and resources based on disparate impact. Only the results are considered. Wealth is collected by the government and distributed evenly. It’s communism and it’s unjust.

The left likes to use the term in an undefined way to mainstream it.

Oregon State is a good place to start because the state has gone to the left of the left.

The new program “is intended to provide all students entering Oregon State University an orientation to concepts of diversity, inclusion, and social justice and help empower all OSU students to contribute to an inclusive university community,” campus documents state.

“Social justice” is largely a progressive phrase mainly used to tout left-leaning agendas such as environmentalism, socialism, feminism and gay rights. Oregon State would not be the first public university to mandate such a curriculum. At UMass Amherst, students are required to take two “social justice” classes to earn diploma, for example.

When I went to my nephew’s graduation at Dartmouth, there were flyers promoting social justice on every seat.

Oregon State’s course, as proposed, would consist of five online modules that include a primer on “social justice efforts in Oregon and at OSU,” instruction on how campus diversity advocates define “an inclusive and equitable university community,” details on how students can “incorporate the pursuit of social justice within their university experiences,” and information on how to “explore opportunities for engagement in ongoing social justice learning.”

In the past, Oregon State has organized racially segregated social justice retreats for students and they included the racist white privilege ideology.

The guidelines for the new mandatory course are not complete. It’s brainwashing and it’s not the job of a school to teach Marxist values to students — at least it wasn’t. They are in direct opposition to American values.

They are teaching students to recognize bias while teaching them to be biased against whites

They claim to not wanting to shut down free speech.

“The goal of our bias incident response isn’t to stop or prevent anyone from exercising their right to engage in free speech within social media channels or elsewhere. Instead, we seek to educate community members about the harmful impacts of bias incidents, and to provide care and support to community members who may be hurt or negatively affected,” Angela Batista, Oregon State University’s interim Chief Diversity Officer, said. “It’s not about avoiding hard conversations or difficult ideas, but promoting and creating a safe and inclusive community where everyone has the ability to fully participate in these conversations.”

What student is going to speak out, be called a bigot and ruin his/her college career and have it possibly haunt them beyond college?



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