Pa.’s Marcellus Shale Is on the EPA Hit List


The Marcellus Shale - Will It Be Shut Down by Extremists? Don't Count Them Out

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! President Obama told us he was going to create jobs but it is not going to be in the energy sector. His investments in solar, wind (the upstate NY wind farm is going down), and biofuels creates few jobs and primarily temporary jobs at that. The oil, gas, nuclear, coal and mining industries are being gutted by the Obama Administration via his EPA.

The EPA is crawling around behind peoples’ homes in Pa. looking for alleged water contamination in the midst of one of the nation’s most productive natural gas fields. You know they will find some, even if it is minimal, they will make it into a crisis. I think I hear the words, Clean Water Act.

The Marcellus Shale, the vast underground rock formation that holds trillions of cubic feet of gas, has been in the EPA’s sites for a while but now they are stepping up the assault. The environmental extremists do not like fracking and they will do whatever they have to do to stop it.  This will likely be a full-fledged frontal attack on the Shale. The latest sampling appears to have resulted from one person calling in a complaint about her water – I wonder how she votes???

…Federal regulators are ramping up their oversight of the Marcellus with dual investigations in the northeastern and southwestern corners of Pennsylvania. EPA is also sampling water around Pennsylvania for its national study of the potential environmental and public health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the technique that blasts a cocktail of sand, water and chemicals deep underground to stimulate oil and gas production in shale formations like the Marcellus. Fracking allows drillers to reach previously inaccessible gas reserves, but it produces huge volumes of polluted wastewater and environmentalists say it can taint groundwater. Energy companies deny it.

The heightened federal scrutiny rankles the industry and politicians in the state capital, where the administration of pro-drilling Gov. Tom Corbett insists that Pennsylvania regulators are best suited to oversee the gas industry. The complaints echo those in Texas and in Wyoming, where EPA’s preliminary finding that fracking chemicals contaminated water supplies is forcefully disputed by state officials and energy executives.

Caught in the middle of the state-federal regulatory dispute are residents who don’t know if their water is safe to drink.

EPA is charged by law with protecting and ensuring the safety of the nation’s drinking water, but it has largely allowed the states to take the lead on rules and enforcement as energy companies drilled and fracked tens of thousands of new wells in recent years.

In Pennsylvania, that began to change last spring after The Associated Press and other news organizations reported that huge volumes of partially treated wastewater were being discharged into rivers and streams that supply drinking water. EPA asked the state to boost its monitoring of fracking wastewater from gas wells, and the state declared a voluntary moratorium for drillers that led to significant reductions of Marcellus waste. Yet a loophole in the policy allows operators of many older oil and gas wells to continue discharging significant amounts of wastewater into treatment plants, and thus, into rivers.

The state’s top environmental regulator, Michael Krancer, says Pennsylvania doesn’t need federal intervention to help it protect the environment. He told Congress last fall that Pennsylvania has taken the lead on regulations for the burgeoning gas industry.

“There’s no question that EPA is overstepping,” Katherine Gresh, Krancer’s spokeswoman, told the AP. “DEP regulates these facilities and always has, and EPA has never before shown this degree of involvement.”..Read here: Optimum

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