Pandering Airhead Nancy Pelosi Ties Cinco de Mayo to Illegal Immigration


Pandering Pelosi thinks Cinco de Mayo should inspire us to promote illegal immigration. She is grateful for all the contributions of Mexicans who come here illegally and probably work her vineyard dirt cheap.

I say we send back the illegal alien street gangs so they can enrich Mexico as they have our country.

Having illegal immigrant Mexicans makes America more American, she says inexplicably.

Cinco de a Mayo also reminds her of evil Republicans who don’t applaud unfettered illegal immigration.

She managed to make Cinco de Mayo unrecognizable. Her press release is at the end of the post.

She must have consulted with another panderer, Barack Obama who held a Cinco de Mayo party at the White House and said, “We’re not just going to stop now” in attempting to fix the nation’s immigration laws.

The laws aren’t broken as Obama would have people believe. Enforcement is broken.The administration won’t enforce the laws.

“Congress still needs to step up and ultimately pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Obama told a group of Hispanic leaders and activists assembled at the White House. Repeating himself for the thousandth time at least, he said passing a bill is “the right thing to do.”

The bill he wants is legalization and a path to citizenship for all illegal aliens in the United States, starting with DACA and DAPA.

They are all future Democratic voters who will lead us to our one party State.

The holiday has nothing to do with illegal immigration, amnesty or Republicans but she doesn’t have to make sense in her role aa Democratic political hack.


Pelosi Statement on Cinco de Mayo

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement in honor of Cinco de Mayo today:

“Each Cinco de Mayo, we remember the valor and the victory of the poorly-armed Mexican militia that faced down the Imperial French army at the Battle of Puebla 153 years ago. Ever since, May 5th has served as an opportunity to honor the proud history of our Mexican neighbors, and to celebrate the generations of contributions that Mexican Americans and all Hispanic Americans have made to the United States.

“Today, we are reminded of the rich and diverse immigrant heritage that is the heart of our country. Immigration is the constant reinvigoration of America, and each generation of immigrants makes America more American. Yet Republicans continue their assault on hard-working immigrant families and continue to stand against the comprehensive immigration reform our nation so urgently needs.

“Democrats will continue to push for bold action to restore accountability, compassion and common sense to our broken immigration system. Let us draw fresh inspiration from the Battle of Puebla, and let us renew our determination to achieve comprehensive immigration reform that honors the heritage, the history, and the values of our nation.”

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