Parent Questions School Indoctrination and Is Labeled a Neo-NAZI


Joshua Barry addresses the school board Joshua Barry addresses the school board

East Pennsboro School District parent, Josh Barry, was accused of possibly being a neo-NAZI for questioning his child’s left-leaning assignment. The accuser, a teacher and the district’s union president asked a mutual Facebook friend of Barry’s whether she thought Barry was a neo-NAZI.

It’s actually much worse than that. The teacher was hoping to dig up dirt on the parent and smear his name but, fortunately for Mr. Barry, she called the wrong person.

I’m surprised they didn’t have him arrested like the parent in Maryland who objected to Common Core.

Barry posted the phone message left by the teacher on YouTube – it’s really quite unbelievable.

Both the teacher and the parent are Jewish.

The parent wants the School Board to dismiss the teacher.

Listen to the YouTube message below:

This is Mr. Barry’s address to the Board. He addresses the rampant school indoctrination and the tactics that were being used to ruin him, particularly by union leaders. It is well worth listening to after a short ad, click her or listen below::

hat tip to Patrick Murphy

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