Well, The Paris Free Speech Rally Is Over and Europeans Want to Ban Insults


No sooner do nearly 50 leaders of nations throughout the world march with the French – without Barack Obama – on behalf of free speech, then do they look for ways to ban it.

Ironically, the French have some of the worst free speech limitations in the West and, ironically, were trying to close down Charlie Hebdo for their use of free speech.

The Obama summit on terrorism coming up February 18th will discuss limiting free speech on the Internet – more irony. The Europeans want to end all “hate” speech but their definitions are so general that any insult will qualify as hate speech.

Renowned George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley said France has been criminalizing all types of free speech over criticisms of someone because of their gender, religion, race and so on.

The laws are so vague that people aren’t ever sure when they will be arrested.

As Turley said we are seeing a lot of these claims being made in this country. Obama even worked with Muslim countries to come up with a blasphemy standard.

“It takes a single gunman to kill a journalist, but it takes a nation to kill a right,” Turley wrote.


Europeans, who don’t share our values, want to politicize the Obama summit and discuss limiting hate speech on the Internet. Whenever they talk about that issue, they end up talking in extreme terms befitting a bunch of socialists and communists.

They want to eliminate calls for violence or hatred. Who gets to define that and will it include anyone who  speaks against radical Islamists? It will include all insults because they do it now.

The EU locks people up for violating their thought crimes. They don’t really have free speech:

  • In Denmark, politicians were locked up for talking about the Islamization of Europe and the subjugation of Muslim women.
  • In France, even private conversations are subject to free speech abuses as are normal criticisms. Brigitte Bardot was convicted on charges of inciting racial hatred for her criticism concerning the ritual slaughter of sheep during a Muslim feast.
  • In The Netherlands, Geert Wilders was indicted for a film documenting inflammatory passages in the Qur’an.
  • In the UK, an atheist who placed drawings satirizing Christianity and Islam in an airport prayer room was convicted of a hate crime. Christian hoteliers were hauled into court for calling Mohammed a “warlord.”

Canada (and Britain) has a law making it illegal to insult anyone. The law reads that anyone who “uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.”

One Canadian man was arrested for calling an officer’s horse “gay”. The officer wasn’t insulted but the man was arrested because someone could have heard him and been insulted. A teenager was arrested for growling and woofing at two Labrador dogs in public, a café owner was investigated for showing biblical passages on a TV screen, and an LGBT group was arrested under section 5 for protesting anti-gay persecution in the Middle East, HuffPo reports.

It’s not a rarity. Tens of thousands have been arrested under this ridiculous law.

Europeans and Canadians are relentless and so is Obama in trying to limit our free speech. He recently warned the press not to post insulting cartoons or they will cause terrorism.

Terrorism is not caused by cartoons and insults and Mr. Obama fails as a constitutional scholar.

No sooner do the totalitarians march for free speech, when they start looking for ways to end it.

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