Partisan Hacks Are Bridge-gating Gov. Perry


People on both sides of the aisle need to stand up against the absurd felony charges lodged against Governor Perry. Some on the left are putting a lot of distance between themselves and the charges, David Axelrod being one.

Liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz was “outraged” by the totalitarian approach and baseless charges.

Whether people like Perry or not, these are the methods used by Banana Republics.

Supporting this indictment also means supporting the DWI DA Rosemary Lehmberg, pictured below sticking out her tongue at a police cameraman.


Governor Perry, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, is being pilloried with baseless felony charges much in the same way Christie was in New Jersey over the Bridge scandal that never was.

The groups behind the move are far-left groups and no less than George Soros is helping to fund it. Soros is an indicted criminal in at least one other country and his goal is, like Obama’s, to turn the United States into a socialist country.

This is from Investors: Texans for Public Justice is one of the groups behind Rick Perry’s indictment charges. Unsurprisingly, they are Progressives funded by socialist tyrant George Soros.

According to Washington Post’s Marc Thiessen, the group pulled this on George Bush as he was planning to run for higher office in 2000.

Apparently, this is what this group does.

According to KXAN, a local NBC affiliate in Austin, Texans for Public Justice filed a complaint against Perry in court last June.

In an Open Society Institute press release, OSI has given $500,000 to help form a coalition that “could change the way the progressive community engages public policy in Texas.” They’ve given $200,000 to Texans for Public Justice specifically. They pretend to be watchdogs when they’re actually partisan hacks.

Besides Texans for Public Justice, this coalition includes Texans Together, the Sierra Club, Texas Legal Services, La Fe Policy Research and Education Center, Public Citizen, and the Center for Public Policy. They’re all extremists hoping to fundamentally change us. La Fe and Texans Together like to exploit minorities, particularly Latinos, in my opinion.


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