Pathetic Town Hall: Hillary Appeared to Be Preparing for Her Broadway Directing Debut


Hillary Clinton’s town hall was filled with plants and I don’t mean the poinsettias. It was as artificial as Hillary. Replete with fawning admirers, little children asking adult questions, and an anti-gun rant. Besides taking our gun rights away, she’s going to make us pay for other peoples’ children to go to college.

The compliments were flowing. One woman said she looked “stunning”.

Stunning, simply stunning.

hillary at townhall

Some admiring male said, “I respect you more than any woman besides my wife. You are the number two woman that I respect more than any woman on this planet. I have watched you since your early political days.”

Wow, just wow! She’s a proven liar who was an incompetent secretary of state but there aren’t any other women on the planet he can find who are better?


A self-described community organizer said, “First and foremost, I want to say that I love you. And I really mean it.”


A six-year old – that’s right a six-year old – asked how Hillary can help income inequality, a big concern of her mother’s. “It’s not fair that my father makes more than my mother”, the child said after a lot of rehearsal. Her mother works harder, she said. That’s the new Marxist “fairness”.

It’s not the job you do or how well you do it, it’s how hard you work.

You can hear Hillary’s cackle in the background as this phony set up plays out.

Hillary, being so appropriate with little children answered in this pathetic way:

“You have a great future as an advocate. I do think equal pay for equal work is still a problem. I think the paycheck fairness act, which I supported every year came up when I was in the Senate, is really important to try to open up the pay arena to more transparency. Because right now, if you are doing a job and you ask how much somebody else makes, you can be fired or retaliated against.

How are we ever going to know that we get fair pay for not just women, although that is the biggest discrepancy, but particularly, people who are in positions where it is hard to ask for more because of their working conditions.

I had a young man here in new Hampshire tell me the reason he was supporting me was because I was in favor of equal pay. I asked him why, he said because he got his first grown-up adult job when he was 17 years old. He went to work in the same store where his mother has worked, and that’s how he got the job. He brought his paycheck home and showed his mother and he watched her face fall. She said you are making more now than I am making after four years on the same Jo. I asked him what was the reason. He said I tried to find out and the manager said we like to identify young men who can go far in the company, we want to give you the incentive just ama and maybe get into one of our training programs. He said they never asked my mom, and she is much more organized than I am. We still have problems, and if you deny those problems, you are denying the fastest way to increase incomes in America. And that is to make sure women are paid what they deserve in the job they do.”

That’s how you answer a six-year old, even one who asks planted questions?


The people in the audience laughed at this as if it were all real. Makes you wonder if they were giving out joints before everyone went in.

You will be happy to know that Hillary said all you people “above a certain income level will have to continue to fund college.”

So, in other words, a lot of people out there will pay for their own children’s college and everyone else’s as well.

Don’t worry though, Hillary said she is going to make hearing aids cheaper and she will cure Alzheimer’s by firing soldiers.

In a slick, phony campaign video, Hillary Clinton responded to a woman’s tragic story of losing her husband to dementia at 54 by advocating spending more on medical research and less on the military.

“One thing I want you to know,” Clinton told the woman, “is that I spoke with the, probably, the four leading researchers who are really untangling the neurodegenerative diseases, the dementias like the one that took your husband. And I could tell their excitement about what they think might be possible if we treat this with the same seriousness that it deserves.”

“You know, if we put the money into Alzheimer’s that we otherwise would put into some additional military asset, just think of the lives it would save,” Clinton said, “and the potential that it would, perhaps, create for dealing with tragedies like yours.”

Hillary is a tyrannical phony. She will spend our money on what she wants to spend it on and it will be in alignment with the far-left ideology.


She went on a tirade about guns and a little boy was put up to asking her how she’d protect us from guns.