If people would stop asking Hillary questions, she wouldn’t have to lie


If people would stop bothering Hillary with questions about her emails, she wouldn’t have to keep lying. One reporter from Fox News asked her pesky questions which apparently disturbed some in the media.

Hillary’s presser today fluctuated between distortions and outright blatant lies. Instead of answering the questions, she prevaricated.

For example, she doesn’t talk about the classified emails, she talks about the 1200 that weren’t classified.

When Ed Henry of Fox News asked her if she wiped her server clean, she said, “What, with a cloth or something?”

People like Hillary like to play dumb.

She must think all Americans have the IQs of turnips. It seems,however, that some in the media do, because Martha McCallum said on The Kelly File Tuesday evening that the various media outlets were wondering why Hillary was being bothered by these silly questions.

Hillary allegedly had a fly-by-night tech company storing classified emails on a server in a bathroom closet and the press can’t figure out why she was being bothered by these questions. [Update: The Platte River company said they never had Hillary’s server in a bathroom closet.]

She never did answer the question Henry asked. We still don’t know if she asked anyone to wipe the server clean.

This is her inane and deceitful presser:

Ron Fournier, who once wanted to quit reporting to work for the Clinton campaign, said he counted six lies or deflections during the presser. Listen to the next video.