The People Amassing to Take Back the House, Senate and Presidency Might Worry You


Obama to Hollywood

With the disarray in the GOP, Barack Obama and his Hollywood friends see an opportunity to take back not only the presidency but the entire Congress and with it goes the Supreme Court of the United States. The left, by its very nature, is not liberal though that’s what they want you to think. They reject dissent. There is only one correct opinion – theirs. They want full control.

Obama is rushing out to California to host pricey Hollywood fundraisers. The proceeds are going to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and to House Democrats.

The fundraisers include Hollywood VIPs, CEOs of DreamWorks Animation and Walt Disney studios and many others.

Nancy Pelosi and DCCC chair Ben Ray Luján (N.M.) will also attend.

How do you feel about Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Hollywood limousine liberals determining your future – taking your guns, limiting free speech, invading your privacy, demanding you say you believe in global warming, and rearranging your neighborhoods peons?

It’s coming if the GOP doesn’t get its act together.

Hollywood’s Democratic activists have been evaluating their party’s senatorial opportunities for a long time and they see their opening.

As The Hill reported, Andy Spahn — long considered Hollywood’s top political fundraiser — has taken the role of entertainment industry point man in this effort, conducting a series of meetings with senatorial candidates at his offices in the Universal Studios compound.

Patrick Murphy, who is seeking the Florida seat vacated by Sen. Marco Rubio, has made a trip to Los Angeles recently for support — as have Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett, Michigan’s Gary Peters and Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, who is looking to unseat incumbent Republican Roy Blunt, the hill reported.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is out demonizing Donald Trump. He will make certain no Democrat or left-leaning Independents can stomach voting for him.


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