Planetary Courts Could Be in Our Climate Change Future


A scientist who is also a global warming doubter was not allowed to attend the Pope’s climate science workshop but a man who thinks we need Planetary Courts and an Earth Constitution was appointed as one of three main speakers at the event.

Why stop at Planetary Courts? Why not call it an Intergalactic Court and bring in the Martian vote?

Remember when George said this

Prior to the completion of Pope Francis’ encyclical, climate change denier and little-known scientist Philippe de Larminat hoped to influence the final results. He wrote a book arguing that solar activity — not greenhouse gases — was driving global warming.

De Larminat attempted to obtain a seat at the Pope’s April 28th workshop titled “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity” which was organized to “raise awareness and build a consensus” among people of faith that human activity is causing catastrophic global warming.

The problem with the consensus is it was only to be a consensus of like-minded people.

Peope and Ban-ki-Moon

At first Larminat was told he could attend the conference and bought a plane ticket from Paris to Rome. Five days before the summit, he was uninvited via email.

Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the powerful Pontifical Academy of Sciences basically vetoed de Larminat’s appearance with recommendations to do so from other scientists.

“They did not want to hear an off note,” de Larminat said.

Phillipe de Larminat

Philippe de Larminat, who holds a doctorate in “The Sciences”

The Heartland Institute, a “free market hub” of climate deniers, WaPo wrote, attempted to reach the ear of The Vatican. They held their own conference in a hotel steps from the papal summit but the decision had already been made. The Pope’s encyclical was already decided and there was no turning back.

In a press release prior to the Pope’s summit, Heartland’s scientific experts hoped to stop the Pope from putting the “enormous weight” of his “moral authority” behind “the discredited and scandal-prone United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

They believe that the poor would be better served by “affordable and reliable energy.”

De Larminat is being criticized for his lack of fame but the fact is no one with a dissenting opinion was at the conference.

“The Holy Father is being misled by ‘experts’ at the United Nations who have proven unworthy of his trust,” said Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast.

Pope Francis wrote this encyclical intending to influence the upcoming U.N. summit on climate change in Paris in December. He will also travel to the U.S. to address Congress in September with the intention of pushing the U.S. towards more radical, freedom-robbing, standard-of-living-crushing reforms.

The failure of climate deniers to have a say in mitigating Pope Francis’ teaching document has been received gleefully as “their Waterloo”, said Kert Davies, executive director of the Climate Investigations Center, who tracks climate deniers.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, sees it as a massive coup.


Schellnhuber, pictured above, was one of only three papal presenters at the conference. He is a radical who wrote books that insist governments must not allow temperatures to rise more than 2 degrees higher than the start of the industrial revolution.

Of global warming, and as a proponent of population control, he has said, “In a very cynical way, it’s a triumph for science because at last we have stabilized something –- namely the estimates for the carrying capacity of the planet, namely below 1 billion people.”

He has called for an “Earth Constitution” to transcend even the “U.N. Charter.” Along with that there would be a “Global Council” of elite elected by “all the people on Earth.” There would be a “Planetary Court” which would be “transnational” with appeals accepted from everyone, especially if there are violations of the Earth Constitution.

One can easily imagine what this would do to our U.S. Constitution and our sovereignty.

Schellnhuber advised Pope Francis and much of the encyclical reflects Schellnhuber’s views – it’s the same hyperbole but without terms like “Earth Constitution” and “Planetary Court” though the concepts are clearly there.

Heartland is being held up as discredited but Schellnhuber is a radical with one-world order views.

Heartland is in retreat, the massive coup has taken place, and the Pope is U.S.-bound.

More information at The Washington Post

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