Pope Francis Sees the Role of Politics As Controlling the Economy


Pope Francis with the abortionist in chief

Pope Francis believes the role of politics is to control the economy and the free market. He’s not advocating centralizing the economy but rather limiting the excesses which leave some out of the economy. It’s a very dangerous idea that sets us on the road to Socialism.

According to Sister Simone Campbell, the Pope was very clear in his encyclical. Rather than the role of politics being to control government, he believes that the role of politics is “to control the economy . . . and provide an appropriate bound on free market capitalism.”

The Pope believes the role of politicians is to offset the excesses of exploitation.

The good sister recommended the Glass-Steagall Act as an example. Glass-Steagall set up a wall dividing commercial banks and investment banks. If that law still existed, the big commercial banks couldn’t have absorbed Bear and Merrill Lynch — nor could Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have converted themselves to bank holding companies.

The role of government in the United States is to protect and defend the Constitution, not control the economy. They’ve done enough of that already and it hasn’t worked in Socialist countries.

The Pope is concentrating on the United States, a country that has flourished but has also been extremely generous to others throughout the world. We can do be generous because of free market economics and individualism, two things he has harshly criticized.

He needs to look to the dictatorships in the world that surround him and speak to them instead of the U.S..

Most interesting is the fact that before he visits the U.S., he is visiting Cuba. There is a message in that for us.

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