Potentially Threatening Executive Order on Cybersecurity


President Barack Obama wants members of the private sector to share information about threats to cybersecurity with each other and with the federal government who will also share their information with them.  He will sign a cybersecurity Executive Order (EO) on Friday which has neither the authorization of Congress nor the approval of Silicon Valley.

It gives The Department of Homeland Security broad new powers.

The White House says it will help U.S. businesses work together to better handle potentially crippling data breaches.

Significantly, the executive order would allow the Department of Homeland Security to approve classified information sharing arrangements. DHS previously wasn’t among the federal agencies that had this power. The change could be huge as DHS is supposed to serve as the primary interface between the government and companies when it comes to sharing information about cyberthreats.

Will the NSA and CIA participate? It’s likely they will.

The Department of Homeland Security will come up with voluntary standards for these organizations.

Participation in the organizations – for the time being – is voluntary.

Who will look out for the 4th Amendment? Not Congress because the president is ignoring them. He took out his pen and phone because Congress failed to act.

They fail to act because Democrats have been directed by him to never negotiate. One would think they’d get tired of being unappreciated sheep.

Large Silicon Valley companies are hesitant to fully support more mandated cybersecurity information sharing without reforms to government surveillance practices exposed by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Companies liability is not limited by an Executive Order.

This is at a time when the federal government is seizing full control of the Internet with a “Net Neutrality” law. In that case, a regulation will convert the Internet into a public utility on February 26th.

President Obama, unsurprisingly, wants mega-organizations where all of this will be shared and analyzed.

The White House says rapid sharing of information is a key defense against threats to security in cyberspace. He never sees too large to be effective as even a remote possibility.

He is currently attending a summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection at Stanford University. The large Silicon Valley companies deliberately avoided sending representatives to the conference.

How does anyone take him seriously after his latest video appearance on Buzzfeed? The leader of the free world talked about the murder of a 26-year old American woman at the hands of ISIS at the same time he made a bizarre selfie stick video in which he also mugged for the camera in front of a mirror.

Leader of the Free World selfie stick