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Obama burning

Constitutional lawyer and red diaper baby, Barack Obama, obviously rejects the concept of the separation of powers, disdains Congress and its role, and is impatient with the idea that he should have to follow or respect the findings of the courts. This week’s events have proven the point on both climate change, the nuclear deal and even housing.

On July 8th, Senator Sessions spoke with George Mason University law professor Jeremy Rabkin at a congressional hearing who told lawmakers that Obama’s unilateral commitment to a U.N. agreement/treaty on climate change without Senate ratification was “a real change in our Constitution.”

“So, now we’re going to have some body, in some entity, in some foreign country that’s going to be directing us?” Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions asked Rabkin over Obama’s emissions reduction promise.

“And what this is fundamentally about is saying, ‘ah, that’s old-fashioned, forget that, that didn’t work for Clinton– we’re moving forward with something different which the president gets to commit us,’” Rabkin added. “That’s a real change in our Constitution.”

President Obama is telling each country to submit their climate change proposals separately, to make it appears an agreement or merely changes to an existing treaty.

In August 2014, the New York Times announced Obama was pursuing a sweeping climate agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress, even though it was an accord in name only. This type of agreement is a treaty of course.

The process will include shaming the U.S. Several nations have agreed to cooperate with the U.S. in circumventing Congress.

The Times reported that the proposal will use legally binding conditions from the 1992 treaty with new voluntary pledges. It will “update” the treaty and not require a “new vote of ratification”.

Barack Obama’s former mentor, Laurence Tribe, a liberal Harvard law professor, described the EPA’s policies as “burning the Constitution.” The “Constitution is not a good source of fuel,” he said more serious than not.

Last year in December, liberal Georgetown University law professor, Jonathan Turley warned that we were entering a dangerous post-constitutional period which could end with unprecedented power resting with the presidency.

In an interview on The Sean Hannity Show, Turley warned that we are at the tipping point and Democrats too “will rue the day when they stay silent in the face of this kind of concentration of power. This is the very danger that the constitution was designed to prevent, the concentration of power in one person’s hands or one branch…”

“The important thing is for people to understand that what we’re seeing is a change in our system. This is very system. It is nothing to do with President Obama’s policies. Some of us may agree with those. It’s how he’s doing it, not what he’s doing. And that should unite everyone. We just had a report come out today of a huge number of what’s called memoranda that the president’s issuing..,” Turley warned.

In his speech September 24, 2014 before the U.N., Barack Obama credited the U.N. with most of the successes in the world.  President Obama said that all nations “must meet our responsibility to observe and enforce international norms,” again suggesting unprecedented power in a U.N.-directed global government.

This is what makes all treaties, including the Arms Trade Treaty, which he has signed, so dangerous. It he can’t put it into effect by circumventing Congress, he will incrementally do so by aligning us with international norms to include the eventual elimination the Second Amendment. He will push the snowball down the hill.

The Iran deal is about so much more than attempting to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons development. The deal is more wishful thinking than reality but, be that as it may, it is far more than that. It is blatantly circumventing Congress, the peoples’ representation in government.

Barack Obama is allowing the U.N. to vote on the Iran deal BEFORE the U.S. It is an affront to the U.S. people and Congress.  It is also a maneuver to make the American people irrelevant. In addition, the U.S. has promised to teach Iran how to protect its nuclear facilities from attack and to help them build the next generation centrifuges.

Once the U.N. votes, it’s all over, every nation but the U.S. will give up the sanctions and be in business with Iran.

Congress only has a direct say over the status of U.S. sanctions on Iran, probably nothing else. The Congressional 60-day review period will be usurped by the U.N.

It has also been confirmed by both U.S. and Iranian officials that no American nuclear inspectors will be allowed to enter Iran to inspect any nuclear sites. We’ve relegated ourselves to oblivion and empowered the U.N.  However, where we come in is where we help Iran prevent nuclear sabotage and threats to their program. We will also help Iran construct next-generation centrifuges to enrich uranium at Fordow, the facility deep underground which is impenetrable to air strikes. This should help in Iran’s clandestine work.

We will be actively sponsoring the development of Iranian nuclear technology and we will be protecting it.

Then there are the latest developments with HUD. HUD is being used to redesign neighborhoods and massively redistribute wealth thanks to a new Obama rule. They will be pushing people around the nation’s suburbs like chess pieces so the the suburbs all resemble Obama’s utopian cities. For starters, he’s putting “free” high-quality, expensive Broadband Internet in whole neighborhoods. It’s no longer about poor individuals, it’s about favored neighborhoods.

President Obama did warn of his planned dictatorship and the people applauded.


Sources: Free BeaconDaily Caller

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