Principal Will Have Parents Arrested If They Walk Their Kids to School


Walking kids home from school is a daily activity for many parents, but one Texas school has banned the act and is now threatening criminal charges.

At Bear Branch Elementary in Magnolia, Texas, the principal has decided that no matter how close the student lives to the school, the student must either take the bus, or the parent must wait in an hour-long car pickup line. Try to walk your student off the campus and you could face criminal charges.

Many parents are fed up and passed around a petition while some have pulled their children from the school.

The principal Holly Ray says it’s safer.

Wendy Jarman pulled her children out of the school Monday and placed them in private school. She lives in the neighborhood behind the school. Her kids were walkers, and she escorted them, but they can’t do that anymore.

Ray won’t allow it. Ray has gotten Montgomery County Constables to be her enforcers.

“This has happened to many parents,” Jarman says. “They have been cited. They have been threatened, if they step one foot on school property, they will be arrested and charged with who knows what.”

Frank Young has one of those warnings. He also lives close to the school and he also pulled his children out of it. Young says no effort to negotiate a better policy or even hundreds of signatures on a petition got the district to change the policy or bully tactics.

“Mrs. Ray’s policy is implying that a parent doesn’t have the ability or capabiity to decide what is safest for her children and that the school district does,” Young says. “I disagree.”

trespass warning

Since the policy was implemented at the beginning of the school year, many parents have become fed up, calling it a “ridiculous situation.”

“People start lining up here about 2:30 p.m. for a 3:25 p.m. dismissal,” one dad, Jeff Wendinger, told KPRC 2 News.

The school is on a busy, five-lane highway and the school has decided parents are not capable of handling the situation safely and must abide by these rules.

Not all parents are angry over the policy. “I’ll sit here the 45 minutes or an hour so that I know my daughter is safe,” mom Doreen Thurkettle told Channel 2 Houston. “It really doesn’t bother me.”

Some parents won’t tolerate it and are pulling their children out of the school and some teachers and staff are leaving the school too.

 Source: Fox 26

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  • Actually it sounds more liberal to me. More control by the government. Take the parents out of the picture. The school system is telling the parents that they have cannot have input. Is the principle going to issue passes for parents to come on site for activities? Drown the idiots in paper work. Make them sign a pass for every little thing that is done. He must have hated his parents.

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  • How slow is this school? When you write 1609 for time there is no am or pm. I move for a new more educated school board/administration. Asap.

    • 1609 is army time meaning 4:09 pm. Army time is used a lot in hospitals and government documents. Am or pm is not needed. Time starts at 1am.. 0100 army time and they count every hour till 2400 meaning 12mn and starts over at 1am or 0100.

  • Well, I hope those parents refuse to attend parent/teacher nights, cancel all fu Ther PTA meetings and refuse to be chaperones or other volunteer opportunities when that principal requests assistanc for school activities. It can definitely go both ways if she really wishes to push parents out of parenting. I’d pull my kid if A. Mine was school aged still and B. stuck in that district.

  • Why don’t parents whose kids are afoot arrange to just meet them at a spot down the street that’s not on school property? No trespass, no crime, can’t be arrested. They could even carry a big middle-finger sign while doing it, aim it at the school. Perfectly legal.

  • 1609 is army time. It means 4:06pm. Army time is used in hospitals , government documents,and official government meetings. There are many businesses that use army time. It starts at 1am , 0100army time and count every hour till 2400 which is 12 mn and then it starts all over again.
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      “1609” means “4:06?” You must have been in the Army cause in all the other areas that you mention is means “4:09 PM.”

  • Instead of pulling the kids out of school, which is the coward’s way, organize, take it to the school, and refuse to comply; if you all stand together, you will win. That has been proven over and over again in situations like this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACQUIESCE IN SUCH OUTLANDISH RULES, AND CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL, when two-thirds of your property taxes pay for the idiot that is running the school.

  • principles work for supertendant, supertendants work for the school board. school board is elected by voters, start getting rid of school board for allowing this to happen. work down to principle

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  • This is what the schools are teaching our children, that the ‘state’ knows best what is safe, not parents, not friends, not relatives.
    Texas is not paying enough attention to what the schools are teaching – but parents are starting to wake up.

    Now, what LAW is being broken by walking kids to school? Trespass? Are the kids allowed to walk from the edge of the school property to class?
    A parent can drive onto school property but walking is not allowed? How did they convince the constables to enforce that crap?

    Fire the principal on principle.