Profiles in Hate: Meet the People Who Start the Riots


1. DeRay McKesson is one of the race agitators who is stirring up discord wherever he can. The rabble rouser was honored by Fortune Magazine for being a leader in the protests although he keeps fanning racial tensions via Twitter. He’s getting paid by George Soros, who was reported to have spent over $33 million to keep the Ferguson protests going.

Salon, an extremely far-left rag online thinks it’s racist for someone in Charleston to tell him to go home. He’s there to rile up anyone he can.



2. #BlackLivesMatter leader Shaun King, who had previously offered to pay anyone to take down the confederate flag on the Capitol grounds, falsely claims it’s racist to tell the troublemaker DeRay to come home. I actually heard a man I believe was King at a communist conference who was apologizing to some #BlackLivesMatter trouble makers for not paying them on time. He was from MORE, the Soros-funded organization. They warned him to not do it again. Two of them were drunk.

The next tweet is another #BlackLivesMatter activist who called for murdering and raping white people.



3. The New Black Panther Party is in Charleston trying to stir up hate where the white and black community have come together to support the families and congregation so egregiously harmed by a crazed killer.

“We will not stand back and allow hate to be spread around Charleston,” said Elder James Johnson of the National Action Network.


Malik Shabazz, President of Black Lawyers for Justice, accompanied by members from The New Black Panther Party, many who aren’t even from the area, urged African-Americans to stop uniting with whites and to take up arms.

About 100 people stood around listening to his hateful rant.

Local leaders say they just will not tolerate groups who try to stir up problems or form a rift between Charleston residents.

“We are asking them to please leave Charleston with that hate. We are united, black and white, in the City of Charleston to get over this and to bring solidarity and unity to Charleston,” said Johnson.

Shabazz, who said he came to help them, said they should kill all the white families. “Black power, by all means,” he chanted.

He said they want justice. “There’s no overcoming with the slave master’s children,” he yelled.

All the slave master’s and their families need to be killed.





4. Louis Farrakhan, who the Baltimore mayor thanked for helping to keep the peace while he was actually inciting riots, is the king of hate and has been suggesting a race war for years. In the  audio below taken yesterday, he rants about the U.S. flag which represents the police, the justice system, the White House – the people they hate at the moment. He too wants the black people in Charleston to stop working with whites. He leads the hate group, The Nation of Islam.

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