Public Service Message: Your Taxes Are Too Darn High


WalletHub posted the latest 2016 property taxes chart. This has confirmed for me that New York is unaffordable.

The average American lives in a debt-fueled environment to which we have grown so accustomed, it should come as no surprise that roughly $11.8 billion in property taxes go unpaid each year, the National Tax Lien Association has found.

The analysis of the top 50 property tax states and DC with New Jersey beating out the rest. They’re even worse than unaffordable New York where I live.

Source: WalletHub

New York has been fairly consistently awful.


Source: WalletHub

Vehicle property tax rankings.

Source: WalletHub

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6 years ago

I ran the numbers between california and Texas….
You pay MORE per square foot on homes in overall taxes in california by close to 25%
California counties charge a school tax on boats even though they are NOT a permanent residence, Texas does not.
There are 3 different taxes/fees to keep a boat in california only registration in Texas.
Where they got this the compiler must be on crack!!