Racist Al Gore Pushes for African Fertility Management



Al Gore

Al Gore has another cause to pursue. He wants to see a “fertility management” plan in place to keep Africa’s population growth under control because, otherwise, global warming and economic development will be adversely affected.

Free market advocates are calling Gore an “eco-imperialist”.  Better descriptors might be racist or Margaret Sanger-like. Like Mr. Obama, he’s a social engineer and, by singling out Africa, he appears to have some of Margaret Sanger’s belief system.

Who is Al Gore to decide Africa’s population needs to be managed?

Gore sat on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last week to discuss “Changing the Climate for Growth and Development.” The panel included other world leaders such as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Moonbat and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Gore had the audacity to say this:

“Depressing the rate of child mortality, educating girls, empowering women and making fertility management ubiquitously available — so women can choose how many children and the spacing of children — is crucial to the future shape of human civilization.”

“Africa is projected to have more people than China and India by mid-century; more than China and India combined by end of the century, and this is one of the causal factors that must be addressed.”

His statistics are up for dispute.

Lifesite news reported that Planned Parenthood has launched a big push in Africa to sell them on Western values, most especially on abortion. Planned Parenthood held a mega-conference to advocate for the idea that children are obstacles to economic development and environmental well-being.

The conference, according to Lifesite, “targeted African respect for family, love for children and opposition to abortion for change through promotion of the Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT) toolkit designed to ‘overcome’ cultural and religious beliefs against abortion and expand access to abortion in Africa.”

Bill and Melinda Gates helped fund that conference.

Someone needs to explain to me why a computer geek – Bill Gates – gets to oversee the world’s education, environment, and population growth?

It’s alarming when you see how money and power has enabled people to step out of their areas of expertise and decide how people should live.

Gore also said that hurricanes and severe weather events are 100 times more common than they were 30 years ago. He blamed the occurrences on global warming.

Many respected scientists believe hurricanes and cyclones have not increased overall. There are explanations other than global warming as well.

On this video, you can hear Fareed Zakaria tell the world what Africa needs:

video viaWestern Journalism

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