Read My Lips, Tax Hikes Are Coming


The tax hikes should go well with the inflation, the rising deficit and poor debt-asset ratio. I’m just sayin’…

“Every corner of the federal government has to be looked at here,” White House adviser and ’08 Obama campaign quarterback David Plouffe said,  in one of his numerous appearances on Sunday TV talk shows as a prelude to the President’s address on the budget and deficit today.  “Revenues are going to be part of this”—by which Plouffe was, the New York Times reported, “referring to tax increases.  [Emphasis added].”

That seems to be the expectation of official Washington along with most of the White House Press Corps: that when the President addresses a college audience today and lays out his plan for cutting the deficit now estimated at $1.6 trillion, one of the cornerstones of his remarks will be a call for raising taxes. Read more here: Tax Hikes


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