Voter Beware Or They Will Redistrict Us Into One Party


Current and Proposed Map

If you believe in the two party system established by our forefathers, then you need to know about the power of drawing district lines. The party in power will redraw lines to obliterate the competition next election. Both parties do it and it’s not in keeping with the principles of our government. I am a strong believer in a two party system because it is one weapon against tyranny. Voters need to keep balance or power in mind when they go to the ballot box.

Consider this article by Dan Janison:
“…Consider the Republicans’ map for the Nassau Legislature as a bold new work of art.
To hear presiding officer Peter Schmitt tell it, this fine visual creation — set against the light of new census numbers — blends law and fairness. As he unveiled it Tuesday, Schmitt, the leader of an 11-8 Republican majority, talked of how this map corrects inequities, complies with the county charter and reasonably groups communities — achieving a pleasing balance.
But its beauty is in the eye of the officeholder.
Critics on the Democratic side panned Schmitt’s creation as a one-minute masterpiece of manipulation — as a purely partisan concoction, created in a backroom, that gerrymanders GOP-advantaged districts while violating the intent of the county charter.
Probably, this color-coded landscape will find its most meaningful appraisal in court. Expect Democrats to claim that Schmitt’s quickie redistricting process — up for a hearing May 9 and final approval a week later — skirts the law and disenfranchises voters.
Funky shapes are typical in reapportionments. For example, political pros call the 51st Senate District upstate, “Lincoln Riding on a Vacuum Cleaner.”
Last time out, nearly a decade ago, the Nassau Democrats drew a 14th Legislative District that looks like a submachine gun pointed downward. Democrat David Mejias represented the district before Republican Joseph Belesi unseated him in 2009. Schmitt was asked what the new plan does to protect Belesi…”
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