Reid Will Pass Amnesty With GOP Border Bill


Sen. Harry Reid sees the GOP border bill as an opportunity to pass a Senate amnesty bill.



Nonetheless, Speaker John Boehner is running around trying to get the votes for his pared-down border bill which is hardly pared down since it’s over $600 million to be given immediately and to the end of the fiscal year which ends September 30th, not the calendar year. It’s $600 million for two months.

Reid said the GOP bill will allow him to attach a comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed in the Senate last year because it represents a change in policy.

He will do what he did with Obamacare, pass a bill that was not approved by the House – unlawfully by the way.

“If they pass that, maybe it’s an opening for us to have a conference on our comprehensive immigration reform. If they’re finally sending us something on immigration, maybe we can do that,” Reid told reporters after a lunch meeting with his caucus.

“We’ve been looking for something to do a conference on. Maybe we can do it with that,” Reid said.

Sen. Ted Cruz has warned House conservatives that this legislation will be misused and possibly overhauled by Reid.

Rep. Steve King said the border bill could be used to pass amnesty for millions.

Sen. Jeff Sessions said that the border bill is a “surrender to a lawless president” because it has NO language to keep the president from expanding his unilateral legalization of millions of illegal immigrants. Read his statement on his website.




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