Republicans Who Vote for Loretta Lynch Support Unlimited Presidential Power


Any Republican who votes for Loretta Lynch is knowingly voting for a top law enforcement agent who is going into the position eager to violate her oath of office when she ‘feels’ it supports the American people.

Lynch would not answer most questions, claiming ignorance, which is an answer in of itself.

What is the purpose of these hearings? People continually get up to Capitol Hill and lie, conveniently forget or evade questions. They need to be held accountable or the Congress should stop holding hearings.

Send Loretta Lynch back to study these cases she said she knew nothing about and make her come back with responses.

The first video is of her being questioned by Sen. Ted Cruz it is painful to listen to. Loretta Lynch would not commit to following the law of the land. She will obviously try to work around it.

Ted Cruz tried to get her to say she would follow the Constitution but she would not. She obviously won’t.

She showed no willingness to consider any limitations on the power of the president.

In the first part of the testimony, he questioned her about droning citizens on U.S. soil if they don’t pose an imminent threat. She gave an answer that is exactly like the answer Eric Holder gives. She refused to say she wouldn’t condone it.

He next asked about GPS being put on a citizen’s car with no indication the person was violating the law. She gave another evasive answer.

He asked about a church hiring their own ministers and gave another evasive answer.

She evaded the question of advocating for broad government power. She will not say she is against it. The DOJ, she said, advocates to represent the American people. She could have said that she would follow the Constitution but she would not.

At about 08:00 on the tape, he asked about the IRS.

He brought up the IRS targeting and asked if she agreed with Barack Obama when he said he was angry about it. She said there’s no place for anger in the DOJ.

He continued with that issue and she said she wasn’t familiar with any of it. That is what Holder would have said.

The department, she said, has people dedicated to the Constitution and to using their own judgment. That’s where the problem comes in with these liberals. They think feelings have a role in the rule of law.

He asked about AG Holder violating his own law on appointing a special prosecutor. She claimed a lack of knowledge but it’s a case Cruz reviewed with her prior to the hearing. He had asked her to review it before the hearing.

Would you trust John Mitchell to investigate Richard Nixon on the break-in at Watergate, he asked. She said the matter was resolved.

She could not articulate any limitations on the power of the president.


When Sen. Jeff Sessions questioned her, she said much the same as it concerns amnesty. She believes that illegals should be allowed to work in this country, even though it’s against the law. It’s a federal crime for someone to hire a person here illegally and, as the top law enforcement agent in the country, she said she will violate her oath of office.