RINO Lindsey Graham Proves We’re Right to Be Disgusted with the Establishment


Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham ran for president but had less than 1% in the polls by the time he left the race. His comments today offer one reason why. He hasn’t any idea that the reason we should keep a leftist off the Supreme Court is to save our country and our constitution. He’s completely clueless – business as usual.

Our rights hang in the balance and he doesn’t seem to understand that it is the case.

Most will agree that Graham is right when he says he won’t support Obama’s nominee after his lawless behavior – he’s referring to the use of the nuclear option to appoint judges – but he’s missing the basic message.

Check out this exchange:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “You’ve said you could get behind the idea of a consensus choice, what does that mean?”

LINDSEY GRAHAM: “Yeah. Somebody that — I just threw out Orrin Hatch’s name — George, I really don’t know who would he pick —“ [crosstalk]

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “Republican Senator, that’s not going to happen.”

LINDSEY GRAHAM: “— or who he could pick that would bring the whole body together. You know, I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan because I thought they’re qualified. Here’s the Lindsey Graham approach, when an election is over, the president wins, they have a chance to send qualified nominees of their philosophy to the Senate and I will vote for them if they’re qualified even though I would not have chosen them. But this president has abused power. The Democratic colleagues that I’ve worked with closely on other issues decided to change the rules in a historic fashion to pack the court and that abuse of power will have a consequence with me. But to conservatives, if Hillary Clinton wins the White House in 2017 and she sends over a qualified person who’s liberal, I’ll intend to vote for them the if they’re qualified. So, this election does have consequence.”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: “So, what are the odds of this vacancy is going to get filled?”

LINDSEY GRAHAM: “Very little.”


LINDSEY GRAHAM: “Very small. Yeah, very small.”

Fortunately, he’s eager to retaliate but I wouldn’t take anything he says to the bank.


Mitch McConnell stated Sunday that “The American people‎ should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” he said in a statement. “Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.”

Did you notice he said, “should”? There is no way these establishment types are going to fight for our rights, our freedoms, or the seat on the bench.

Rush Limbaugh said something interesting Monday. He thinks Donald Trump’s far-left style attack on George Bush and his handling of 9/11 was intended to win Independents and Democrats in South Carolina. He also said if he does win over disgusted people on the left, it could turn the electoral map upside down.

He said if Donald Trump succeeds after his debate performance, it means the anger and disgust Americans have for the establishment runs much deeper than we ever thought.

What a mess.



  1. This is posturing. Lindsey Graham is way past having big clout in the national scene, but Mainstream Media will parade him out and he loves it.

    Mr. Graham has forgotten what ‘keeping your powder dry’ means. This is going to get cussed and discussed and the Mainstream Media will be happy to provide any lies they need to make to get a left leaning political judge appointed no matter who the President is or the year(s) it happens.

    FDR proved how important it is to corrupt the SCOTUS. We’ve been paying the price ever since.

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