Riots, Arson, Violence Are Merely “Unrest”, Just Ask NBC Faux News Reporters


children being taught to throw rocks at police

Photo of student throwing rocks at police.

NBC News is now referring to the riots and criminal behavior in Baltimore as unrest. Others are jumping on the unrest bandwagon. Prince released “Baltimore,” a rally song dedicated to Freddie Gray. His spokesperson said it “addresses the unrest in Baltimore and the socio-political issues around the country in the wake of a slew of killings of young black men.”

They don’t mention that the people who died are criminals or that some were in the act of committing crimes or were unfortunate accidents. The unrest was criminal behavior which they also chose to ignore.

The Guardian, a left-wing British tabloid, had an article titled, Prince in Baltimore: a chance to heal for a city riven by unrest. They had another article titled, Baltimore unrest: 49 children were arrested and detained during protests. The “children” committed crimes.

More than 350 stores in Baltimore were looted and burned by hooligans [you can’t call criminals thugs any longer]. They destroyed over 144 cars. Rocks, bottles and bricks were thrown at police officers who were there to protect people. This is criminal behavior, not “unrest” caused by white privilege.

Criminals are given a pass if they say it was part of a protest or if they are young. Youth involved in the riots are being told this is a good thing. They are being taught disrespect. The funny thing about teaching children to be disrespectful to some is that they learn to generalize it and end up disrespecting all authority.

NBC News is referring to these riots as unrest in the evening news as well. They are minimizing, rationalizing and excusing criminal behavior.

A good example of the same kind of warped thinking took place in the Guggenheim this past week.

Staff from Downtown Brooklyn’s Science Skills Center HS organized a recent field trip for ninth and tenth-graders bringing too few chaperones under the museum’s policy.

The students put the artwork at risk by throwing objects off the ramps, spitting off the museum’s rotunda and yelling across the rotunda. They were boisterous and out of control. Visitors were complaining and one demanded a refund because the teens were so out of control and ruined the experience. A few cried racism because the students, who are black, were allegedly kicked out and the school banned, which the Guggenheim staff has denied.

One 10th-grader said exactly what everyone should have said. He gives me hope.

“For future kids, I feel sorry, I want to apologize myself for what my peers have done. It’s really bad, because I know a lot of people would have enjoyed seeing that museum.”

This 10th-grader could teach NBC News something.

Call things what they are. Anything else is a lie meant to distort thinking. Thugs are thugs, misbehavior cannot be excused and rewarded, and the media is corrupt, especially NBC News.

Meanwhile, the number of shootings and homicides has surged in Baltimore, some police officers say they feel hesitant on the job under intense public scrutiny and in the wake of criminal charges against six officers in the Freddie Gray case.

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