Rockets Ramp Up from Gaza One Hour Before Ceasefire – Bombshell Update

Bus Bombing in Tel Aviv Earlier Today

Update: 15:00 pm: According to Joshua pundit blogspot, there is a backstory to this agreement:

…They (the Obama administration) were perfectly happy for Israel to go in to Gaza and take out Hamas, but insisted that they then turn Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority. This was supposed to strengthen PA President Mahmoud Abbas as ‘Palestine’s savior’ . As as a kicker, President Obama insisted that Israel immediately declare a Palestinian State in Gaza and most of Judea and Samaria, including areas currently under Israeli sovereignty from which the Jewish residents would then be removed. These were also to be turned over to Abbas.

If the Israelis were unwilling to have the IDF do Mahmoud Abbas’ dirty work for him and then give up large areas populated by Jews, then the Obama Administration told the Israelis the U.S. would not back an IDF ground assault in Gaza.

So the Israelis took the ceasefire, essentially meaning that Hamas is going to be left in place to regroup and fight another day. And can claim a victory…please continue reading

This makes a lot more sense than Hillary Clinton and Mohammad Morsi brokering a fair deal for Israel.

Israel is considering lifting the blockade of Gaza as part of this deal.

Original Story: 1:00 pm EST: Hillary Clinton has brokered a deal for a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza at the behest of Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton said that Egypt will bear responsibility if the ceasefire fails.

Hamas has agreed to stop the rockets at 2:00 pm EST (9 pm local time). Israel will not lift its blockade of the Palestinian territory, which is run by the Islamist Hamas movement. Egypt claims they will attempt to stop some of the weapon smuggling into Gaza from Iran.

Rockets are still flying from Gaza at a ferocious rate.

Earlier today a suicide bomber blew up a bus in Tel Aviv, leaving dozens injured.

From the White House:

President Obama spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu today and reiterated his commitment to Israel’s security.
The President made clear that no country can be expected to tolerate rocket attacks against civilians.

The President expressed his appreciation for the Prime Minister’s efforts to work with the new Egyptian government to achieve a sustainable ceasefire and a more durable solution to this problem.

The President commended the Prime Minister for agreeing to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal – which the President recommended the Prime Minster do – while reiterating that Israel maintains the right to defend itself.

The President said that the United States would use the opportunity offered by a ceasefire to intensify efforts to help Israel address its security needs, especially the issue of the smuggling of weapons and explosives into Gaza.

The President said that he was committed to seeking additional funding for Iron Dome and other US-Israel missile defense programs.

Iran started this war and was likely testing Israel’s weaponry systems in case of war.

Israel was taking out military capabilities of Hamas in preparation for a ground war in Iran. It is unusual for Israelis to agree to a ceasefire on the day of a bus bombing because that is a position of weakness from the perspective of extremists. President Obama spoke to Netanyahu today and encouraged him to take the deal.

A peace deal was arranged yesterday and delayed for 24 hours to give time for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton time to arrive in Tel Aviv.  It is unusual for a US Secretary of State to come away without a deal and Israel likely relented for political reasons.

The agreement gives power to Islamist Jihadists in that part of the agreement is that the Egyptian president must halt weapons into Gaza. It is like saying that anyone who wants to fire a rocket can destroy the agreement. It is a tenuous deal.


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