Rush Limbaugh on Historic, Dangerous, Life Threatening Storm Juno


historic storm JUNO

Remember the days when we looked forward to our beautiful snowfalls so we could skate, sleigh ride, make snowmen and snow angels? Those days are gone!

The loons are naming ordinary snow storms now so they can make them into disasters.

We were told to brace ourselves for an historic, life threatening, dangerous storm named Juno here in New York.

Nanny Governor Andrew Cuomo told people in a TV ad to stay in their homes or he’d fine them $300. That was before the storm-that-never-was even hit. He would force you to stay in your house. How dare he tell us to stay indoors!!! Who the hay does this fool think he is?

Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio  told people to stay off the sidewalks! He insulted businesses and called them cheapskates if they even considered not closing their doors.

Both dopes called the storm historic.

Listen to Rush limbaugh discuss de Blasio calling businesses cheapskates – he hates capitalists. Did you know that the CNN host kissed de Blasio – that’s appropriate for a journalist – who is supposed to be neutral – to do.

I actually got a call in my home, paid for by taxpayers, with a somewhat frightened man warning me to stay indoors because “It was serious!”

Rush weighed in with sound bytes from Wolf Blitzer and Al Roker. The media was disappointed they didn’t get the disastrous results they wanted. They also blamed the Europeans!!!


The media frantically told listeners to go out and stock up on milk and eggs. People must have done it and then some. The shelves of my supermarket looked like London in 1939.

One weather report said that there were 70 mile per hour winds in the ocean miles away from Massachusetts. Who cares? Who is going to be out there? Was there a mad rush of citizens rushing to their seaworthy boats?

Global warming means the snowstorms are going to get worse and the alarmists need bad storms.

The storm turned out to be a no-nevermind in New York. New York City had 2 to 4 inches, some areas saw 6 inches. If you try to find out how much snow fell in New York City, you will find out that 15 inches fell on Western Long Island though out East, they had about 21 inches. The worst of the storm missed New York City narrowly, and we were better safe than sorry but you won’t find out how much snow fell in New York City.

The media was reporting on this “disaster” while flurries fell. They kept on reporting as flurries fell.

The government screwed up again!

My birthday is in January and except for a couple years in my lifetime, there have been snowstorms in January in the city and on Long Island. This storm brought 12 inches to my neighborhood on Long Island. Two years ago, it was 36 inches. In 1991, it was 31 inches. There was nothing historic about this storm.

Over the decades, catastrophic climate changes have been predicted though none as successful as the Gore scare of current day. The 1970s was a decade of ice age hysteria but people were more savvy then and didn’t buy into it.

Alarmists today try to say there was no hysteria then but there was. NOAA and other famous meteorologists/climatologists said we were headed towards another ice age.

TV didn’t let the opportunity go to waste. Look at this clip from 1978. They were serious at the time and managed to scare people but it’s actually very funny:

Global warming is similar to the coming ice age alarmists of thirty years ago. They were certain then too.

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