Rush Limbaugh’s Stunning Statements About Candidates That Might Change Minds


Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony

Rush Limbaugh avoids endorsements and has been very supportive of all the GOP candidates, especially Donald Trump, but he said something very close to an endorsement yesterday.

“If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz…This [Ted Cruz] is the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan.”

Cruz is being squeezed out of the media, including Fox who were out promoting Rubio but seem to have shifted somewhat to Kasich and secondarily, Bush. Roger Ailes has been demoted and Rupert Murdoch and his very liberal sons have taken over.

Murdoch has used his papers for editorials but not his station – before now that is. It’s his right but he can’t claim to be fair and balanced either.

Limbaugh described Trump as a non-ideological candidate.

“Trump’s not a Republican; he’s not a Democrat,” he said.

“He’s running as a Republican, but he’s way beyond any of this. His definition of conservatism was we’re gonna conserve. We’re gonna conserve our money. We’re gonna conserve our whatever…. Donald Trump is not an ideological candidate. He doesn’t look, for example, at Chuck Schumer and see a screaming liberal. And, by the same token, he doesn’t look at Ted Cruz and see a screaming conservative.”

“This is not a criticism of Trump. But for those of you that conservatism’s the answer and conservatism is the way, you have no choice here. Ted Cruz has got to be your guy. There’s nobody even close. Nobody.”

We do have to consider the constitution before voting. There will be several seats up on the Supreme Court of the United States and we know Trump will make deals. We don’t know who he will pick.

Rush does believe Rubio is a conservative but Cruz doesn’t have the baggage of the establishment behind him.


Bill O’Reilly described Trump the same way last evening.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s stunning statements about Senator Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump. He begins by saying Bush and Kasich were moving left as fast as they could but you would never have to worry about that with Ted Cruz.



    • Rush hasn’t had a favored boy and of everyone, he has been fairest to Trump. If you are a conservative, then he’s right. Cruz is the one who will stick with the constitution. by his reasoning. It’s another perspective to consider.

  1. Rush has made a number of pro-Cruz AND pro-Rubio (“full throated conservative”) statements recently.
    I don’t remember so much about what he may have said about Trump (but I believe you).

    The man has more than enough money in life so, since he can’t be “bought”,
    I suspect Limbaugh is being blackmailed (THINK: Justice John Roberts on Obamacare).

    Otherwise, his (to me) curious remarks (Rubio…REALLY?!?) make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER in context of his history and line of thought.

    • I think Rush believes Rubio’s a flawed conservative. Certainly he didn’t agree with Rubio’s amnesty proposals. He always supports Trump when I scan his articles based on his radio show. The only concern I thought he expressed was Trump;s use of the words “universal healthcare” but he only said he was “stunned” – I don’t think he commented further. That’s been a concern of mine as well. I doubt Rush could be blackmailed but I don’t know him.

  2. From my church–“God ordained government to be the authority within a national entity. As the guardian of liberty, a regime, whatever its form of governance (parliamentary, monarchy, republic, etc.), must protect the inherent right of its citizens to life, privacy, property, and freedom to succeed or fail according to their own ability and volition.’ Our constitution although not perfect establishes those principles. and I believe that Cruz supports wholeheartedly our constitution. He is a true conservative. I agree with Rush!!

  3. If Rafael Edward Cruz was a stickler for the constitution, he would remove himself from the race; having admitted several years ago that he was not eligible. He is not and cannot be a natural born citizen of the US of A. He may have been a US citizen at birth (there are reasonable questions about that) but that is not the same thing as being a natural born citizen.

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