SCOTUSCare Decision Big Win for Red States & Their Govs


One critical political impact from the Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling that seems to have gone mostly overlooked is how Republican governors, who refused to set up health exchanges, have allowed their states to enjoy very big wins.

Those GOP leaders have saved constituents both tons of time and loads of money. Red State voters have been spared the frustration of paying chunks of their wages towards a failed bureaucratic nightmare.

Meanwhile, many Dem govs have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars attempting to set up balky, or worse yet, unworkable state programs. Their online exchanges are suffering from rising costs, lousy technology, expensive “customer” call centers, and weak enrollment.  Close to half of these 17 plans are now in serious financial trouble with 5 on the brink of complete collapse. (American Thinker)

Remember, the “hook” on establishing state programs was so those who signed up would be guaranteed money to help pay health insurance costs.   The initial strategy, so eloquently stated by Jonathan Gruber, but completely ignored by SCOTUS, was to bully all states to either get on board or risk losing sizable subsidies for their residents.

But then something unexpected happened. When a majority of the 50 didn’t go along, a desperate Obama allowed his IRS to hand out the dough; Democrat or Republican not withstanding, to all.

And now, with the Supremes saying, despite clear language to the contrary, that it’s just peachy for those appropriations to continue, GOP governors who resisted the initial coercion, have scored huge for their home teams.

Rescued from the massive fiscal and technological headaches inflicted on Blue Staters, Red Staters will continue to receive money from the Feds, who’ve happily collected it….even from states run by dopey Democrat govs.

So, because of the actions, or inactions, of smart GOP governors, the lousy court decision winds up benefitting people who opposed ObamaCare more than folks who supported it. This is just another example of why states enjoying Republican leadership are overwhelmingly better off than those led by Democrats.


  1. While I’m not convinced this was the plan behind GOP governors refusing to set up health care exchanges, for sure it has become a big win for red states.

    For sure, it does demonstrate keeping the Feds at a long arm’s reach away, always the best bet.

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