Senator Whitehouse Wants Global Warming Deniers in Prison


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wants to prosecute global warming deniers. He wants scientists, TV outlets, the “vast denial apparatus” sued. Is he approaching Fascism-lite?

He probably burned witches at the stake in his former life.

Everyone has to believe what he believes and everyone has to publicly say what he approves of.

There isn’t a scam against the global warming enterprise as he believes, but the global warming enterprise is grabbing more than a pinch of our freedom and our money.

In a Washington Post article, Whitehouse compared global warming deniers and the fossil fuel industry to the tobacco industry, calling for them to be charged under the RICO Act.

The tobacco industry was prosecuted for racketeering after they misled the public about the dangers of tobacco. Many of the things he accused the deniers of doing are things his global warming industry does – Climategate being one example.

The RICO Act was used to break up the mobs which is what he must believe climate deniers are. Free speech is not allowed if you deny his take on things which some of us think is extreme.

He apparently believes that coordinating “a wide range of activities, including political lobbying, contributions to political candidates, and a large number of communication and media efforts” are racketeering and not our First Amendment rights.

The global warming fascists have to go to great lengths to keep their computer-generated theory alive. Investors posted a succinct response after the article appeared: The climate models they base their argument on have failed. The storms they predicted haven’t arrived. The snow hasn’t stopped. The poles aren’t melting. A look around the world simply fails to turn up any of the disasters they’ve predicted. So they’re having to go to great lengths to keep the story alive.

What do you think? Has he gone too far?



  1. Dude is F+cking crazy! Just another POS Libtard shooting off big mouth. F+ck him, his progeny and his ilk. Can not make me believe as he does, never will. Just Stupid!

  2. Every right we have the liberals want to remove. The goal, of course, is to be able to control all citizens. Remove their right to bear arms, remove their right to expression of their religion, remove their right to speak their opinion and what do we have: A government that tells you what you can eat, think, do etc. When are Americans going to get a clue that our government has turned on its citizens just like back before the American revolution? I would say Americans have reached the point of the majority being so self-centered and self-absorbed that they cannot see what is going on around them.

    • See what is going on around, friend. Have ALWAYS been proud American. Not, necessarily so today, unfortunately. Leaning more toward my State no longer being part of America’s downfall. Do so with heavy heart, but can not deny the impulse, especially as of SCOTUS ruling, yesterday, that we intend to ugnore. Sad, but true. Many here feel same, with heavy hearts. God Bless America, and here is to hoping her former GLORY may be restored, before it is too late!

  3. Denial in the extreme in this case, Climate Change, is sociopathic – and sociopaths can be, and are, institutionalised… For good reasons! Your denial will be killing millions for the next five centuries, when obvious warning was apparent three decades ago!!

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