Sheriff Clarke Fighting for Police as Officials Move to Nationalize


Sheriff David Clarke is happy a presidential candidate – Donald Trump – expressed strong support for law enforcement.

In fairness, Governor Walker for one has the backing of police unions. Other candidates do as well and many like Dr. Carson have beem more vocal about criticizing anti-police groups.


As Sheriff Clarke said, police must be looked at as allies, and criminals need to be targeted, not police.

“And, instead of pounding on them like they’ve been doing for the last almost year now, we need a president who’s going to appoint an Attorney General who’s going to see local law enforcement as an ally in the pursuit of justice and they’re going to target criminals instead of police officers and police agencies.”

The issue of support for local police is a hot one right now.

The leftists are in cahoots with rabble-rousers who are committed to nationalizing local law enforcement.

The leftists have been pushing for criminal justice reforms and federal standards for local police. The danger is obvious – the end result could be a federal government that assumes oversight and control of local and state government law enforcement, the prison systems, and the courts.

Republicans have joined Democrats in forming police commissions to consider federal involvement in criminal justice reforms. It’s good they are on the commissions as long as they don’t give in to the more absurd demands.

Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina said, “But if you see a consistent pattern that is not in one city, and not in one state, but is nationwide … does that provide a federal nexus to helping? … My answer is yes.”

Scott wants the federal government to be involved in funding reforms. Once it’s about money, the federal government owns it.

Scott said that the feds already play a role because some localities have asked for help.

What he did not say is that the localities are asking for help in response to pressure from the White House.

Many of the riots and protests are based on lies, isolated cases, and Soros-backed movements to transform the country. Some Republicans might be falling for it.

Federal legislation on police issues challenges conservative principles, Sen. Pat Toomey explained minutes after he spoke on the floor of the Senate in early May, arguing “there’s no epidemic of police criminality in this country.”

“Policing, historically, has been and belongs in the province of the states, so I’m not sure that there’s a role for Congress per se, except to engage in this discussion and make some points about the fact that the majority of the police do a great job,” the Pennsylvania Republican said.

There is staff-level talk about whether the standard for a Justice Department investigation into a civil rights case should be lowered, allowing the attorney general to step in more often. That’s very dangerous.

In the Michael Brown case, DOJ Holder, who didn’t like the outcome and lamented the decision in favor of Officer Wilson, wanted a lower standard of proof for civil rights crime and more oversight by politically-charged community groups.

It will give the federal government a path to controlling local prosecutions when they don’t like the end results.

There are conservative groups and religious rights groups involved in these federal commissions reviewing potential reforms who hope to keep it from getting out of control and add the things they believe are important.

There are needed reforms but the federal government involvement while leftists are in charge should raise alarm bells. Leftists want relaxed penalties and racial quotas. They want federal standards and a police czar.

This could end up nationalizing the police and local justice systems.

Judge Pirro asked the Sheriff about the Black Lives Matter group and he said they “could be a force for good” but they are “just shills for the Democratic party.”  They should be protesting the life of dependency and Obama recovery in which” black people can’t find meaningful work, the unemployment rate nationally is about 15 to 16 percent, in the city of Milwaukee the black male unemployment rate is 32 percent.”

He noted that black children are shackled to “failing K-12 public schools” while Obama sends his kids to the exclusive Sidwell Friends elite school. They should be demonstrating against generational poverty and a life hooked on handouts.

The Black Lives Matter group made the police the straw men, he added.

They discussed the little nine-year old girl who was doing her homework when she was killed in a drive by shooting. He said until this group and others back off, it won’t get better. The police are the ones holding it together.

“Look, the social order has collapsed, in Baltimore, in St. Louis, in Milwaukee, WI, in the American ghetto and only the American police officer is down there trying to keep it together. And we saw over the Memorial Day weekend in the City of Baltimore what life looks like in the American ghetto without the police. It looked like Boko Haram came through there with the death, the carnage and destruction that went on; forty-five people killed in a month.”

Sheriff Clarke is a courageous all-American hero, not because we all agree with him but because he speaks honestly. It’s refreshing.

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