Sheriff Clarke Points the Finger of Blame for the Trump Rally Fiasco


Sheriff Clarke said the protesters we saw in Chicago at Trump’s rally are “goons” and “bullies”. “Shame on Chicago police administrators for not putting their line officers in a position” to let this rally go on, he said. They were understaffed, he added. Instead of canceling this event in the name of “public safety”, let’s “cancel these rebellions” instead.

Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights “were squashed”. The police should not back down. The numbers are on the police side.

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Sheriff Clarke said Donald Trump can defend himself and he won’t tell him what to say but he had a question for the audience. Look at Clinton and Sanders and their attacks on police, they stoke up racial animosity. Obama has done this for 7 years.

“Look at some of the language used by Mrs. Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders at their rallies and at their debates. How they criticize the police, they attack the police, they stoke up racial animosity. The president of the United States is the one that created this division, stoking up racial discord, class warfare, gender warfare for the last eight years. For people to blame this on Donald Trump is way out of bounds.

These people are anarchists who advocate violence and chaos in the name of virtue, so they don’t respond to normal efforts to return law and order. They don’t want order.

No matter what you do, you can’t amp it down. Other than shutting down rallies, that’s all that will work against an anarchist. They advocate violence and chaos to bring down our legally-constituted government.

“This has to be crushed.” If it weren’t Donald Trump and it were Ted Cruz, the same thing would be happening. The goons need to be silenced not the people who are advocating on the side of law and order.



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