Sheriff Clarke Responds to Sharpton’s Call for a Nationalized Police Force


Al Sharpton recently demanded that the president institute a national police force. Sharpton, who eagerly does the bidding of Barack Obama and his Marxist minions, should be in prison, something Sheriff Clarke made note of during an interview with Stuart Varney on The Neil Cavuto Show.

When the question was put to him, Sheriff Clarke said he is “trying to figure out why Al Sharpton isn’t in Federal Prison for tax evasion and every time he opens his mouth he takes his ignorance to new heights.”

That would be funny if the subject wasn’t so serious and alarming. Sharpton is a criminal who is in a position of power thanks to Barack Obama who wants his assistance in putting local and state police under the control of the federal government rulers.

“There must be national policy and national law on policing,” Rev. Al said a couple days ago. “We can’t go from state to state, we’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.”

He was referring to the S. Carolina case in which a white officer shot a black man in the back five times as he was fleeing from a traffic stop. It is a rare occurrence, not the daily event that Sharpton and the other Marxists would have us believe.

Sharpton’s audience applauded his speech. The audience included leftists and sketchy politicians including Mayor Bill de Blasio, Congressman Charles Rangel, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, city Comptroller Scott Stringer and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

“We commend them (the officials who arrested and charged the officer), but we cannot have a justice system that hopes we have a mayor in the right city or a police chief,” he said. “We have to have one policy that is national.”

Sharpton and his fellow tyrants might be thwarted in their movement in this case, however, because the case they are using to bolster their demand is being handled well and the mother doesn’t want Al Sharpton around. She has also forgiven the officer.

“We don’t have national policing in the United States for a number of reasons,” Clarke said, “one is civil liberties issues the other is that it’s a states’ rights issue. I find it interesting that he has so much faith in the federal government when in the 1960s the FBI surveilled Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement and then went on a smear campaign to discredit him. Now all of a sudden he trusts the federal government.”

Sheriff Clarke added, “I bet he wouldn’t make this recommendation if a Republican president was in the White House and who had appointed a more conservative United States Attorney General.”

Stuart Varney asked if it’s an attempt to further politicize police work. Clarke responded, “Sure, and that’s a huge mistake.”

Central control is a terrible idea for those who value their freedom and their safety.

We have guiding principles for all fifty states in place – the U.S. Constitution – the very document that Sharpton disdains.

Clarke sees body cameras as a good idea but notes it won’t stop the NAACP from going after the police. He gave an example of an officer who was defending himself and, in spite of a body camera recording the events, the NAACP went after him.

china police force
China’s police force

If we ever do have a federalized police force, people would understand better what they had and what it means to have a force federales knocking down their door and destroying their civil liberties because they’re only answerable to an unaccountable and massive federal bureaucracy. We could end up with police who drag people out of their homes because they haven’t obeyed the totalitarian master.

As Rev. Al said, Americans overwhelmingly voted for this and they knew what they were doing.

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