Shocking! Do You Know What the White House Knows Nothing About?


No one in the White House knows anything and if they did know anything, they certainly wouldn’t tell President Obama. When they do know anything, they really can’t remember it anyway. President Obama gets his information when we get it, from the newspapers.

Will someone please tell Mr. Obama something about what is going on, please. It’s getting scary out there without anyone in charge. At least we have to get his newspaper subscriptions updated because he only gets his information from them when we do.

I knew about’s profound flaws on the first day thanks to a reader and if I had known he was unaware I would have tweeted him immediately since he follows me on twitter. crashed and burned before it even went online, having failed tests prior to launch when it only had a few hundred people using it, but Kathleen Sebelius never thought to mention it to the president.

Oh, wait, I forgot, she didn’t really know until a couple days in.

If Sebelius needed five years, why didn’t she take five years? They talked about testing going forward, she says? Huh?

This ‘no one knows anything’ line is a familiar refrain from the White House and it appears to work. The woman who caned my chairs told me that she couldn’t believe how mean the Republicans are to that nice young man Obama. He has so much on his mind because of them and now the website has crashed, that poor man.

Jay Carney said he’s not a computer expert and told the reporters to go talk with HHS which they dutifully did. HHS told them to call because no one knows anything at HHS.

President Obama’s five-year history of knowing nothing is too rich to detail here but I will give a synopsis.

He alienated Brazil, Germany, France, and Mexico when they found out that the NSA spied on them (they’re allies of ours by the way). We planted bugs in the offices of the countries’ presidents. He explained to the president of Brazil that he didn’t know about the spying because he doesn’t subscribe to those newspapers.

He told Angela Merkel this past week that he didn’t know we were spying on her. I don’t think she’s buying it, especially when he said he found out from the papers that it was going on. A consortium of 21 European nations has formed for the express purpose of doing something about NSA spying. Maybe I should let Mr. Obama know in case he hasn’t read the papers.

The White House  didn’t know about the DOJ’s covert seizure of the Associated Press’s phone records until the Monday we all found out.

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said in a statement that the phone records story was purely a Justice Department affair. The DOJ is part of the Executive branch but I guess they don’t speak to each other. Oh, wait, no, that’s not it. Eric Holder said he didn’t even remember it and probably didn’t sign the order. There is a serious memory problem in the White House.

Jay Carney said that White House officials didn’t even know about the AP scandal until they read press accounts on the Monday afternoon when we all read about it..

“Other than press reports, we have no knowledge of any attempt by the Justice Department to seek phone records of the AP. We are not involved in decisions made in connection with criminal investigations, as those matters are handled independently by the Justice Department,” Carney said in a statement given to the press pool traveling along with President Obama on fundraising trips to New York Monday. “Any questions about an ongoing criminal investigation should be directed to the Department of Justice.”

The White House didn’t know about the IRS targeting of conservatives and they won’t ever know because they aren’t investigating it. President Obama didn’t know a thing. He found out on the Friday when it was printed in the newspapers.

“Let me take the IRS situation first. I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this I think it was on Friday.. [He’s not even sure if it was Friday. The IRS knew in 2010 and they are an arm of the Executive Branch.]

President Obama didn’t know that Benghazi was an al Qaeda attack. He thought it had something to do with a video protest gone awry even though the intelligence community knew it was a terror attack on the night of the attack.

The White House didn’t know the Talking Points were changed.

The White House didn’t know that terror training camps were sprouting up all around the Benghazi consulate and they didn’t know about the 200+ attacks in Libya prior to the 9/11 attack. The White House didn’t know about the security requests.

“We weren’t told they wanted more security. We did not know they wanted more security there,” Joe Biden said.

Obama didn’t know his BFFs Jay-Z and Beyonce were going to Communist Cuba on holiday. He doesn’t know how they got the visa to go.

The White House said that in the Boston terror attack there was no indication of terrorist activity. They didn’t know about the Russians’ warnings to us about Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The White House didn’t know about the thousands of illegals who were released from prison earlier this year by Janet Napolitano as part of the faux sequester cuts.

The White House absolutely didn’t deceive over the impact of sequester. They didn’t know anything. The White House said they didn’t cancel the White House tours.

“You know, I have to say this was not– a decision that went up to the White House. But the– what the Secret Service explained to us was that they’re gonna have to furlough some folks. What furloughs mean is– is that people lose a day of work and a day of pay,” Obama said, in response.

The White House didn’t know anything about the Petraeus scandal. They conveniently learned about it the Wednesday after the election. The DOJ was investigating the Director of the CIA and the White House didn’t know.

“I’d refer you to the FBI. They have protocols in place on when to notify legislative and executive branches on investigations. It is simply a fact that the White House was not aware of the situation with General Petraeus.

The White House didn’t know about the Fast & Furious operation.

The White House didn’t know about the SEC/Goldman Sachs charges until after they were made public.

The White House didn’t know it had ordered General Stanley McChrystal to ”Defeat the Taliban. Secure the Population.”

The White House didn’t know that Jon Corzine was a raging incompetent. In fact, Joe Biden said that he was the first one they called when they had a financial question.

The White House didn’t know a Mao Tse-Tung ornament was hanging on their Christmas tree for three years in a row though it was mentioned each year.

In 2011, Barack Obama told Bob Woodward that he regretted criticizing Paul Ryan at his budget speech last year. Obama said he would not have attacked Paul Ryan if he would have known Ryan was going to attend the speech. It’s quite miraculous that Obama didn’t know because Obama personally invited Paul Ryan to hear his speech.

Barack Obama didn’t know Bill Ayers was a domestic terrorist even though they were colleagues and Ayers launched Obama’s career. Barack didn’t know about Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white, anti-Jewish rants even though he sat in his church for 20 years. Barack has carried that ability to not know into the White House – he didn’t know a member of a terrorist Muslim group was invited to the White House for a meeting with senior aides. Barack just didn’t know.

The White House said the Churchill bust wasn’t sent back and then they said they didn’t know it was sent back.

Maybe if Obama would stop campaigning and fundraising, he’d know what’s going on.

I published much of this list once before but I will keep adding to it and by 2016, it should be quite long because no one in the White House can now be expected to know anything but nothing, when they can even remember that is.