Sounds Like Fascism in the USA: This Student Was Punished for Her Free Speech

Rohini Sehti Facebook photo.
Rohini Sehti Facebook photo.

The vice president of the Student Government Association at the University of Houston was punished by the Student Senate for a Facebook post that read, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.”

Rohini Sethi apologized and deleted the post after a furor grew over her harmless Facebook comment.

facebook post

The Government Association punished her with a 50-day suspension beginning August 1, mandatory attendance of a diversity workshop, mandatory attendance of three cultural events per month, a reflection letter and a public presentation at the Student Government Association meeting on September 28, KTRK reported.

If Sethi refuses or fails to meet any of the requirements, she will be kicked out of the Student Government Association entirely.

If people wonder how all the people in Germany could have all been wrong in 1939, take a good look at political correctness and what it does to silence critics. People surrender rather than dealing with this.

Black Lives Matter is a hate group and this young woman is being punished for simply saying something all of us know to be true.

We are living under an administration that operates like a Banana Republic and that leadership is responsible for bringing out and empowering this insanity.

The university has not sanctioned the student but why aren’t they sanctioning the Fascists?


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