Sidney Powell tells Beck she hears US seized Dominion servers


Update: No evidence was ever presented to prove Dominion servers were seized in Germany.

Powell told Glenn Beck on Friday that she’s hearing rumors the U.S. seized the Dominion servers in Germany. She’s also heard that there were lines from four other countries going into those servers, countries she says are extremely adverse to the interests of the United States.

Powell noted there were multiple ways to make vote alterations on the Dominion servers, saying that a person sitting at the data center where the votes are coming in could do it in real-time. They can also put an algorithm across the board to do the initial shifting, and then apparently it can be done manually at each data collection point.

Beck mentioned that his YouTube channel was demonetized yesterday for carrying Powell’s press conference.

Elijah Schaffer posted on Parler: “The producer of my BlazeTV show and field reporter who was just retweeted by President Trump was randomly suspended from Twitter without explanation. She did not violate their TOS and has never been suspended before. She did not even post anything today but had her profile wiped clean …”

You can listen to the full interview below:



  1. Re: Sidney Powell and Tucker. Many years ago our small time cable company would get the Network satellite feeds and just send it down the cable. We would see celebrities doing commercials for a host of local channels, one after the other. Sometimes it went on for quite a while. At times you could see that celebrity getting bored and somewhat reflected in that spot. We also saw how networks rehearsed their news programs. When an anchor would be asking questions to a reporter is was Not spontaneous. Instead it was all scripted ahead of time. These were all direct feeds via satellite and received with 8 foot dishes at one’s home. After it was found people were able to use those satellite dishes to receive the “pay” cable channels they all went to encrypted channels. No longer could you receive programming via satellite.

    Not long ago we found out a “script writer” for Tucker had gotten into trouble and Tucker wasn’t on the air the next day. When I watched Tucker early on it puzzled me how his opening monologue was so good but his interviews showed him to be almost aloof. It was as if he were a different person. His questions as interviews progressed weren’t very probative or of any depth. Many times I thought it seemed he was in over his head. I had mentioned this very peculiarity some time back. He has gotten a lit better over time so we can assume that is from experience. I would suspect most of his popularity is due to those monologues, but since we do know he has a script writer, it may be the script writer who wrote the lines regarding Sidney Powell. The question then is; who is influencing the script writer.

    Just as the network satellite feeds had shown the true workings of those networks, we have a glimpse of how network celebrity hosts actually work also. They are scripted. It may be why those White House journalists (not reporters) seem so ignorant in their questions. They have no script writers, although on occasion some consult their phones. As my mother was so keen on saying, “Believe nothing of what you read, and only half of what you see”.

    I assume most of

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