Silencing, Manipulating, Prosecuting Those Who Question Global Warming


The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a Libertarian think tank, is one of the organizations fighting back against the silencing of all global warming deniers. Over 100 Conservative and Libertarian organizations were subpoenaed in a broad fishing expedition by the Virgin Islands Attorney General after 16 AG’s and Al Gore announced they would pursue RICO investigations of global warming deniers or even those who think the debate should continue.

The attempts to silence CEI, which has fought back hard, and attempts by one of the RICO-20 to manipulate Americans are now coming to light.

From CEI:

Emails the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) obtained under the Washington State and Florida open records acts show Professor Maibach, a taxpayer-funded instructor of “how to mobilize populations to adopt behaviors and support public policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” used his University title, position and email account in the RICO-20 effort.  Numerous records provided by other state universities notwithstanding, GMU informed CEI that Prof. Maibach insisted he had no records responsive to the same request to that school. A judge for the Richmond Circuit Court of Virginia on 13th May lifted his protective order on documents from and to Professor Edward Maibach of George Mason University regarding the RICO-20 letter.

Maibach is a social psychologist whose main objective is to manipulate people to think “the right way”. Apparently, he’s willing to prosecute people as well.

He believes in climate change but he also believes we all have to believe the same thing. Understanding, partnering, and communicating is one thing, but these people descend into manipulation. It’s not about debate for them, it’s about force if convincing doesn’t work.

Maibach and the other 19 professors of the RICO-20 are extremists [see the link below].

An executive order last September, allows for the building of government databases specifically for the purpose of “influencing” the masses on climate change.

See the CEI filings from yesterday here.

Growing Army of Climate Alarmists Demand Jail for Climate Deniers



  1. We need a lot more federal judges and prosecutors. There are currently only 864 federal judges in the US, so the aggrieved climate warriors have to walk all the way down the block to find a federal judge to take their case. That is just so wrong.
    The other problem is that climate warriors, when they apply for a grant from the EPA or NOAA or DOE or any agency that Congress funds, have to fill out the forms in triplicate. That is so unfair.
    The EPA and the Department of Education and most of the other executive agencies have armed agents, so there is no reason they can’t just be sent out to round up these deniers and dispense with all this red tape. Gitmo detainees don’t get a trial do they? How unfair is that?

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