SIX OUTRAGEOUS Assertions Made by Obama in His Speech Monday



Barack Obama spoke from Turkey this morning and it is quite clear he will not be joining with the French in their ramped up fight against ISIS except in the area of diplomacy and shared intelligence. Most remarkably, he doubled down on his intention to welcome the many thousands of refugees from hotbeds of terror into the United States. The Paris terror attacks were a “setback”, he said.



The only compassion he showed was towards refugees, not US citizens. He will be taking more refugees into the US and, according to him, taking in unvetted refugees represents our “values” and not taking them in “is not who we are”.

These same values are destroying Europe.

Watch while he pretends his first goal is to keep Americans safe:

We are finally seeing some opposition. Six states have refused refugees from these Middle Eastern countries but Obama will undoubtedly find a way to do it anyway or he will just force liberal states to take larger numbers. [Update: 9:10 pm EST: It’s now up to 25 states]

Six Republican governors have announced that Syrian refugees won’t be allowed to resettle in their states in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley issued statements Sunday saying that they wanted to prioritize the safety of the residents in their states. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a GOP presidential candidate; Arkansas Gov. Gov. Asa Hutchinson; and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence joined them on Monday.

“Michigan is a welcoming state and we are proud of our rich history of immigration,” Snyder said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “But our first priority is protecting the safety of our residents.”

Obama’s speech today was striking. Most of the speech was the same now-hackneyed phrases you’ve heard before but what was striking was that he has doubled down on all of it in the wake of the Paris terror attack.

Obama began the speech, not with the Paris attacks, but with talk of cyberstrikes and climate change, but then went into the Paris attack being led by only a handful of attackers. However, more than 2,000 have left Paris to fight with ISIS – not a handful.



We heard from him that the Paris attack was merely a setback. He has accepted there are evils in this world that we all must just live with because it’s just the reality we live in. It’s our new normal according to him – deal with it.

The French president has declared a state of emergency for three months and he has said the attack on Paris was an “act of war”, but Obama sees it differently. The EU can’t keep up with the terrorist threats nor can they follow up on all those they’ve targeted. It’s out of control.

Obama said IS – he calls them ISIL – is being pushed back. However, we have known since April that the Pentagon is hiding the facts and that the war against IS is doing far worse than Barack Obama is telling us.

Recently, Obama made it clear that he wants Russia to destroy IS which would be tantamount to turning the Middle East over to Russia.

The remainder of his speech was to spew platitudes and the usual comments about diplomacy: we stand with our allies; “we have the right strategy; and we are going to see it through”. It will be slow he said.

ISIS is not going slowly, however.



When asked about changing his strategy, Obama claimed that we are doing everything possible and the only exception is he is not putting large numbers of troops on the ground.

The calls have been for some troops, not large numbers of troops. No one is calling for large numbers of troops. He’s lying. If he continues to do nothing much, we will need large numbers of troops.

He again claimed that his game of whack-a-mole is to avoid playing whack-a-mole. He boasted of our use of air power but most of our planes come back with the bombs still loaded.

IS can still be destroyed but they now have a nation and they will eventually be invincible.

Obama said we will have to get new partners when in fact the faux 65-member coalition is doing nothing and will continue to do nothing as long as he does not show leadership.

He continues to call ISIS an “organization”. At least he moved away from calling them the jayvee.



They are pretending to be a “state”, he declared, and they are only a “network of killers”. He said, “we play into the ISIL narrative when we pretend they’re a state…these are killers with fantasies of glory, who are very savvy when it comes to social media…”

ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, IS aren’t tough he said.

He thinks he’s fighting the Mafia and will not recognize the fervor of their Fascistic and theocratic goals. This isn’t the Mafia, It’s Nazis.



“Pursuing some notion of winning or whatever slogans they come up with” is not something he’s interested in because he’s “too busy for that”.  He recently told a New York Times reporter that he does not believe in winning.

Obama told Tom Friedman of The New York Times that he did not want to see victors or vanquished during an interview with him last year. He thinks a war can end in no winners or losers when one of the players is Satanic.

We just want him to be “bellicose” and talk “tough”, he said today.

It’s been seven years and things continue to get worse but Barack is in Neverland while the rest of us have to live in Real-land.

His affect during his speech was flat and he was decidedly lethargic. During the Q&A, he avoided answering questions directly and was sarcastic when he should have just simply answered the question.

On and on he went about how we must not stereotype Muslims. No one is stereotyping. He’s the one stereotyping by saying all Muslims are not terrorists. There is no Islamophobia and it’s a trumped up charge. It’s a way to avoid dealing with reality.

No one believes this is a war on Islam, we believe it’s a war on radical Islam but he doesn’t accept that there is a radical Islam, there is only Islam.



We’re “shameful”!

We know that we CANNOT screen the refugees from failed states because there are no documents available on them, however, REMARKABLY, he said we will vet them and we cannot “slam the door” on them because it “contradicts our values.”

Whose values? His Marxist values?

He concluded by demanding we take these refugees in because it’s “who we are”. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of this Marxist telling me what my values are.

Watch the conclusion:



  1. “Now who we are” I think Obama thinks we are all Muslim terrorists like he is. He does not have a clue “Who we are” he should go back to Kenya and organize his little (very little) heart out.

  2. Eisenhower once said we are not descended from fearful men. Too bad we are a bunch of cowards now. So much for Christian virtues of helping your fellows. The terrorists have got you right where they want you. Afraid.

    • You don’t understand the different responsibilities of individuals, church, & state. The PRIMARY responsibility of the state is to protect its citizens. Taking in refugees unvetted doesn’t do this. If an individual or church wishes to receive, pay for, & support refugees LONG term, good; otherwise you are just blowing “compassionate” smoke.

  3. Jihad is the force that gives Islam meaning. It is the deepest expression of faith.

    To its followers the validity of Islam is directly connected to its physical supremacy. As followers of the purported “final revelation” to mankind, Muslims not only have the obligation to conquer and subjugate the rest of the world, their religion is meaningful to the extent that they can carry on the work begun by Mohammed. The Jihadis who massacre non-Muslims are missionaries of their faith.

    Anything that suggests Islam is not absolutely superior becomes blasphemy. When Muslims explode into outbursts of violent rage over seemingly petty things like a cartoon or a video, it is because to them, any loss of face for Islam is the worst kind of blasphemy because it challenges its supremacy.

    Truth and power in Islam are identical. It is not a religion of the oppressed, but of the oppressors.

    Mohammed’s prophecies are validated by his conquests. The truth of Islam is seen in the expansion of Islam. When Muslims succeed in killing non-Muslims, they disprove their religion.

    That is why Muslim terrorists shout, “Allahu Akbar”, “Allah is greater.” The old Mohammedan taunt aimed at Jews was then directed at Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and all the world’s religions. By killing their non-Muslim victims, the Muslims proved that Allah was greater than their gods.
    Per Sultan Knish–Daniel Greenfield–“Why Islam is a Religion of War”

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