Southern Poverty Law Center: Saints or Sinners?


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The SPLC is a civil rights organization created in 1971 by Morris Dees and Joe Levin, two attorneys, both proponents of racial equality, with the expressed intent of representing impoverished victims of discrimination.  They appointed social activist and civil right’s leader, Julian Bond, to serve as the Center’s first president, 1971-1979. (1)

Morris Dees con man

Morris Dees

Joe Levin

Joe Levin

At first blush, who among us would not view the Center’s goals as valiant and noble?  Unfamiliar with this group’s work, researching the SPLC revealed a very different picture begging more poignant questions.  At what point did the goals of this organization change from an initiative of admiration to an abomination?  Who appointed Morris Dees and Joe Levin the sole arbitrators of acceptable thoughts, feelings and ideals?

While the Center has brought a few, notable civil rights cases to the courts, the outcome for their clients benefited the Center far more than for their clients.

As an example, using a sensationalized “hate crime case,” their bread and butter, involved a suit brought on behalf of a mother whose son was a victim of a KKK lynching.  Of a 7 million dollar verdict, the woman saw a mere $50,000 – the value of a warehouse, the only asset held by the Klan group. (2)

Currently amassing more than $200 million, by 1994 The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance dropped them from their list.  They require at least 50% of income to be utilized for a group’s stated purpose. By 1994, the SPLC was already spending a whopping 89% of it’s income on fundraising and “administrative costs.” (2)

“Being labeled a ‘hate group’ by SPLC can be devastating, because most of the country is unaware of how politicized SPLC has become.” (3)

Intimidation is key as they slander and smear any group that disagrees with their radical, left wing agenda.  Any persons or organizations not in line with their stance on issues such as LGBT, abortion, Social Justice, family values, immigration, find themselves on their Hatewatch list.  Essentially, any and all even narrowly seen as Conservative must be smeared and intimidated into silence.

Their hate doesn’t stop at “whites only,”  Black Americans not conforming with their radical ideologies receive equal, atrocious treatment. Citing an excerpt from his book, America the Beautiful, Dr. Ben Carson, found himself listed on the SPLC’s Extremist Watch List in the same company as neo-Nazi and other white supremacist groups.  Dr. Carson, an African American, highly respected neurosurgeon and Republican candidate for president, committed the “crime” of stating his support for traditional marriage. (4)

Dr Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

“Carol Swain is an apologist for white supremacists,” so proclaims Mark Potok, one of the SPLC’s most vocal spokespersons. Dr. Carol M. Swain is a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. From the Tennessee Advisory Committee of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission to her Senate confirmation to the National Council on the Humanities, Dr. Swain is a woman with impressive credentials. She also happens to be black.  Her reply to Potok’s disgraceful comments, “What is happening is a bold attack on free speech and the inner workings of the Democratic process. We must not let this continue.”(5)

dr Swain

Dr. Carol M. Swain

Standing on the shoulders of the reputation their beginnings garnered for them, the SPLC developed an insidious fundraising strategy by what many view as little more than extortion.  This involves the creation of a highly biased “hit list,” more like a hate list, of more than a thousand organizations labeled as, “hate groups.” Some examples of their smearing good people:  (6)

  • Catholic organizations
  • Baptist organizations
  • Pentecostal organizations
  • American Family Association
  • Family Research Council
  • Illinois Family Institute
  • Parents Action League
  • United Families International
  • Christian Action Network
  • American Defense League
  • United States Justice Foundation
  • Watchmen Bible Study Group
  • Mission to Israel
  • Jewish Defense League

If you’ve already come to the conclusion, the majority of Americans, individually or as groups, viscously attacked and smeared by the SPLC, are those most Americans respect, this should seal that determination.

The OathKeepers are a group of dedicated American patriots who, as their name suggests, take very seriously their oath to, “protect and defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.”  Their membership is comprised primarily of both active and retired police, members of the military, firefighters and first responders.

Essentially, the Oathkeepers reflect the most respected, revered and trusted among us. These are people who literally put their lives on the line for their country, for their fellow citizens.

When Oathkeepers speak with reverence of our Constitution, it is in no way in generalized terms. These are people who are well-versed students of the Constitution able to cite by article and section, those parts of the Constitution germane to their discussion.

Much like the IRS admittedly “tagged” groups who, either by name or by mission, contain such buzz words as “patriot” and “constitution,” it is obvious the SPLC uses that same barometer in determining their enemies.

With their outrageous assertions, claiming the Oathkeepers to be a “radical right wing militia,” SPLC has had these American heroes in their sights for some time now.

Neither radical nor a militia, these men and women routinely risk their lives protecting us, including members of the SPLC, and are thanked by being painted villains.

Recently, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R,NY), was asked by a group of Long Island Oathkeepers to speak to them and try to clarify the some highly complicated issues such as the Trans Pacific Partnership and Fast Track.

Congressman Zeldin, highly responsive to his constituents, complied with their request.  In typical SPLC fashion and teaming up the DCCC, Democrat Congressional Candidate Committee, Zeldin is now being attacked-for essentially doing his job.

The SPLC, viewing more fine people as their “enemy,” is taking the tact of guilt by association.  As a caveat, Rep. Zeldin happens to be a veteran, having served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne division during Operation Iraqi Freedom and he currently serves as a Major in the Army Reserves.

On a personal note, Morris Dees, before creating the SPLC, made his living by direct mail marketeering.  His one, absolute goal in life had nothing at all to do with civil rights and everything to do with his vow to become incredibly rich.  Of note, many of those who worked with him through the years have very few nice things to say about him.  In fact in her divorce papers, his ex wife Maureen charged him with incest of his stepdaughter (at age 16) and of his future daughter in law.(7)

“Whatever SPLC once was, it now is a bastion of political hackery which, by equating legitimate political opposition with criminal violence, is doing substantial damage to our national fabric.” (8)

By their own definition of “hate groups,” the SPLC certainly qualifies to reside at the top of their own lists. Very sadly, all too many Americans simply do not know just how damaging and dangerous this group is.  So massive is the havoc they’ve wreaked, it’s impossible to list their many victims nor more than touch upon the long list of the dirty, underhanded tactics they employ.

Suffice to say, those who find themselves the brunt of their attacks…chances are they are in very good company among some fine, fellow Americans.




  1. Here’s an interesting development that just happened. I’ve heard about the feminist movement putting up posters on college campuses that infer that all men are rapists. Just the latest example of how feminism is nothing less than a hate movement. So I go on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate groups and lo and behold I don’t see any mention of feminism being a hate movement. Shocking, right? So I call up the S.P.L.C. to ask politely why feminism isn’t listed among their numerous hate groups they track. For two days I’ve been getting the runaround from these idiots, getting patched through to this one’s phone or that one’s phone and amazingly nobody seems to be at their desks. It’s like they all take lunch all day long and are never at their desks.

    Finally after numerous phone calls trying to reach someone there I reach someone’s voice mail that gives me the number for their communications director, one Kirsten Bokenkamp. Amazingly she picks up when I call her number. This is how the conversation went:

    Me: “Hi, you’re with the Southern Poverty Law Center, correct?”

    Kirsten: “Yes, may I help you?”

    Me: “Well I was wondering why a particular group that is clearly a hate movement is not listed on your website as a hate movement. Listen, anyone taking an objective, unbiased look at the feminist movement in this country has to conclude that it’s a hate movement. They are now putting up posters on college campuses across the country inferring that all men are rapists. As a man I find that highly offensive as well as being wildly inaccurate.”

    Kirsten: [the clicking sound of the phone hanging up]

    So I call back immediately and get her voice mail saying “Hi this is Kirsten Bokenkamp, I’m away from my desk right now…”

    Several more calls in the next few minutes get the same lack of response. So I leave several messages saying how unprofessional and immature it is to hang up on someone when they are being polite and are simply giving you information that hurts your little feelings and conflicts with your agenda. And how cowardly it is. Still no response.

    So you can rest assured that the Southern Poverty Law Center, whatever it started out as, is nowadays nothing but a very biased, immature shitstain of an organization that is nothing more than a stick with which to beat groups that they politically disagree with. Worse than worthless.

    And their communications director Kirsten Bokenkamp is the most cowardly piece of shit imaginable.

    • Your assessment of the SPLC is spot on. In my book, and that of many others, they are, themselves, a hate group. With radical Left Wing, Progressive agendas, they vilify many good people usually resorting to lies and deceptions. The SPLC exemplifies all which is so very destructive of the left wing agendas. They are literally destroying our country and, worst of all, many know it and are actually pleased with that outcome. They MUST be stopped.
      As to today’s breed of feminists, they disgrace women of my generation. It was by damned hard work and tenacity that we bettered ourselves and our situations only to witness young women today with not an ounce of self respect. That men often have a low opinion of women, you can hardly blame them.
      Our college campuses are an absolute mess. The only way to stop the insanity transpiring at colleges and universities, for their big donors to start withholding donations until they straighten their acts out. Parents need to carefully select schools for their children, eliminating those with very liberal standards and, by all means, let those schools know why they refuse to send their kids to there.

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