State-Sponsored Politico Sees Immigration as a Winner for Republicans


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Politico, the left-wing Obama media that spouts propaganda daily online under the guise of news, cares about Republicans; they really, really care. They don’t want us to make matters worse with Hispanic voters by not passing the immigration bill.

That would be the same left-minded Hispanic voters who have never voted for Republicans by more than 39%, at the height of their Republican support.

Politico on Wednesday said that even though people like O’Reilly, Rubio, and Rove support the bill, the conservatives are holding the establishment Republicans back.

Insofar as Rubio is concerned…he lied about what the bill would do and he is in bed with the RINOs; O’Reilly believes Rubio and likely never read the bill himself; and Rove is an establishment Republican with a long list of erroneous predictions such as foreseeing a Romney win in 2012.

The immigration bill – the Hoeven-Corker amendment – has a guideline – that’s right, only a guideline – to make the border secure.

Guidelines and fence-building didn’t work in 1986, 1996, 2006, and there is no reason to believe they will this time.

Politico quotes Rep. Tom Cotton who said, “Our constituents don’t trust our government.”

Damn straight we don’t!

Politico of course hints that our recalcitrance is based on anti-government, conspiratorial nonsense instead of the reality which is as obvious as the ears on Obama’s head.

Politico really cares though. They said that  “conventional wisdom that the party would never kill immigration reform, and risk further alienating Hispanic voters, was always wrong – and ignored the reality that most House Republicans are white conservatives representing white districts.”

Politico isn’t race-baiting, conniving in advance of the 2014 election, or portraying bad politics as conventional wisdom…NO, NOT THEM!

Because they really care about Republicans, Politico wants what’s best for them.

I’m sure Politico is not aware of the fact that making tens of millions of liberal-minded people legal will establish the US as a one-party government. Nor are they aware that we can’t possibly afford it.

Politico, Obama’s mouthpiece, says immigration reform is smart politics and policy, so of course Republicans should do it. Politico wants what is best for Republicans.

Only 43% of Americans want a path to citizenship for illegals according to a Pew poll. Only 49% of Hispanics say illegals should be given a path to citizenship.

Only one-third of Hispanics see immigration reform as a top priority according to Pew Research polls.

Hispanics, unsurprisingly, care about the same things the rest of us care about – the economy and jobs are number one and two, suggesting that if Republicans put more energy into explaining their economic policies, they’d win more votes from Hispanic votes than they would with immigration reform.

Pew also found that 38% of adults living in Mexico would come here if they could and 19% are willing to come illegally. Shall we let them all in? Why not do the same for every other country? What do we need laws and boundaries for?

Immigration law proponents say it will bring the illegals out of the shadows when in fact many want to remain in the shadows and have little interest in citizenship. That has come out in polls.

The immigration reform proponents say we will give eleven million amnesty but seem to forget – I’m sure it’s only forgetfulness – that we are also allowing chain migration which will up those numbers in the tens of millions.

We have been sold a bill of goods that illegal immigration is a crisis and we must pass immigration reform now. Furthermore, we are told, we must give people who came here illegally, a path to citizenship on an expedited line, not the one the people coming her legally go on. That makes as much sense as a leg of nothing with no potatoes for dinner.

The senate bill to make this happen, which is being mulled over in the House before they kill it for good, will be expensive indeed, but it holds the false promise of ending illegal immigration much the same as it did in 1986 and in the ’90’s.

The CBO says the bill reduces illegal immigration by 25%. Big whoopiedoo! Since most of the provisions won’t come to pass, we can expect it to not be reduced at all.

We could tighten the border now with the laws we have and we don’t, because our lawless president will not enforce the laws. He doesn’t want to and he wants to create yet another crisis.

The senate immigration bill will double the current fencing, which will cause some inconvenience to illegals who will now have to go around the 700 miles of fence along our 1,969 mile border with Mexico.

It won’t be a problem for drug dealers, however, since they are camped out in our wilderness areas, where our law enforcement are not allowed to tread.

Despite what Rubio says, according to the senate immigration bill, if Janet Napolitano sees fit, she can stop the fence. She can also declare the border secure and she has already said it is. Law enforcements says the border is wide open. Who ya gonna believe?

The bill does nothing about the visa jumpers who account for 40% of the people here illegally. In fact, we have 15,000 students from the mid-East who never went to school and are MIA somewhere in the United States. Are they setting fires in the West?

If the House Republicans decide to take their advice from Rubio, Politico, and O’Reilly, they will have sealed their fate and it won’t be pretty.

If you doubt my wisdom in this, just know that Pelosi, Schumer, and Obama want this bill to pass.

The House is discussing their version of an immigration bill today – in secret – call your representatives now and tell them how you feel!



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