Stop the G20 Summits Until We Have Something Substantive to Say or Do

Some G20 Leaders Who Probably Hate Each Other

The G20 was another bash America waste of time in which we embarrassed ourselves at times.

José Manuel Barroso, the ex-Maoist chief of the European Commission, is blaming the U.S. 2008 subprime crisis for their decadent socialist economy. “The crisis originated in North America,” he said. Sub-prime is the cause of Europe’s ills. American banks are the villains behind it all,” said Barroso.

Telegraph UK said that it was not America’s crisis, it was a global crisis which happened to hit America first because our business cycle is three months ahead.

Maybe Barroso and Obama went to the same blame school. We would be better off not having these meetings. Barroso laughingly referred to their democracies not needing advice from his [the U.S.] – how many democracies are there in the Eu again?

Mexican President Calderon thanked Obama for stopping the deportation of some illegals. I guess Calderon is happy to get U.S. funds rolling into his country via illegals.

China, Germany, and several other countries legitimately criticized the U.S. for playing with currency and reducing the U.S. financial burden by devaluing the dollar.

The G20 nations agreed to continue their resolve to provide more bailouts – great.

Putin continues with his nasty and villainous behavior, even as he provides assistance to Assad as he attacks his own people. Obama is clueless as to how to handle him.

President Obama gave an incredibly boring and stammering speech to the G20 Summit in Mexico tonight. He fumbled when he tried to explain how the world could come out of the economic recession. He tried to use Spain as an example and never brought it home. I have no idea what he was trying to say.

Obama had nothing new to say. He didn’t have a cogent comment. When asked if Putin cooperated on Syria, he gave a 4 minute answer saying nothing.

The WSJ said our power in the world is at a low point. That is the truest thing I have heard said today.


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