Subversive Rep. Luis Guitierrez Releases a Toolkit to Help Illegal Immigrants Evade the Law



Luis Guitierrez is touring the country to inform illegal immigrants how to break our laws and avoid deportation, not that we are deporting anyone since our president is also lawless. Gutierrez is doing it all on company time.

He released a new video toolkit on how to evade the law (below) with what appears to be his office in the background so the people here illegally will see this as their right.

He has his own set of laws which he implements without any repercussions. He thinks only the president can deport people.

At a press conference held by the National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) on Tuesday, he said only Barack Obama can deport: “Because our immigrant community has to understand one thing – maybe the Republicans went to court and a judge put in an injunction against us giving them a work permit and a Social Security card, but the only person who can deport them from the United States is Barack Obama,” Gutierrez said. “The president of the United States and the executive branch of the government are the only people who can say ‘You gotta go.’”

Guitierrez appears to care nothing for our Constitution and our rule of law. Since he is a former member of the Marxist-Leninist Puerto Rican Socialist Party, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at anything he does. He is a Progressive and a subversive who uses his race to provide himself with cover – it makes him untouchable.

He’s not above name-calling nor is he above weaponizing race.

When District Judge Andrew Hanan issued an injunction against Obama’s illegal amnesty last month, Gutierrez called the judge and Republicans racist and xenophobic. “It is mean and xenophobic,” Guiterrez said during an interview on The Kelly File February 19th. “I believe that this judge is going to get an atta’ boy when he goes back to his country club, what a great job.”

Illegal immigration and open borders are not about racism, they are about the rule of law, something that doesn’t enter into Guitierrez’ parlance – ever – but then again, Democrats are above the law.

Gutierrez usually gives his speeches in Spanish but this video is in English for all to see. It’s a kind of an in-Americans’-face instruction manual for illegal immigrants to break the law.

He’s brazen and un-American.

Gutierrez doesn’t represent the electorate nor does he represent America, he represents foreigners.

“I created this toolkit for you to protect yourself from deportation,” he says at the beginning and then, condescendingly, like a father speaking to an unintelligent child, he tells them what documents to collect and where to keep them. Anchor babies are a real plus and he refers to them in the video.

He even tells them what to say if law enforcement stops them and tries to enforce the law.

Language referencing Gutierrez’ unlawful behavior is warped to make what he does acceptable. He’s called a fierce fighter for immigration reform when he in fact is an open borders proponent fighting for foreign invasion.

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