Subversive George Soros Is Funding Massive “Civil Disobedience Actions”



Where is the media on George Soros? His name should be in the media every day in response to his subversive activities. He is trying to take down our Capitalist system.

George Soros, who is funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign, is also funding an anti-Trump mega-protest with his violent AFL-CIO union thug friends. Imitating the profoundly unsuccessful Arab Spring, this leftist group is calling itself Democracy Spring.

Thousands of the most radical groups will march from the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania to D.C. in “one of the largest civil disobedience actions” in US history.

We can expect the same participants who created utter chaos in Chicago to include the Revolutionary Communist Party, MoveOn (which is the Soros-funded group behind this), Occupy, Black Lives Matter, unions and so on. A total of 115 labor unions will attend and it’s likely Bill Ayers will be there with his Marxist-Leninist friends.

They plan to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America” by taking over the Capitol building.

This march of leftists will begin in April and will go on for ten days.

So far, they claim 2,000 of these revolutionaries have signed up and the organization is holding training sessions.

Having been to Occupy and having seen the training sessions there, I can tell you that people are instructed to start trouble so police especially look bad. They want photo-ops.

They like to say that the purpose of this march of radicals is to restore democracy but they mean socialism ahead of the 2016 election.

If this doesn’t wake people up to the dangers we are in, nothing will.




  1. I can not believe that the mess in this country .why are the trying to manipulate the ouycome with violence or at least scare tatics throw this idiot out of here or lock him up for breach of peace

  2. Why do people believe these articles? I just researched George Soros, and it seems pretty unlikely that he’d advocate violence.

    I did some research, and this domain expires next March, which probably means someone registered it recently. It’s in Utah, and guess who was in Utah recently.

    Going to the main page of this site http:, at this time, it appears to be a site promoting Donald Trump.

    Now, why would a site promoting Donald Trump try to cast a protest against Donald Trump in a bad light?

    Consider some of the phrases used in this article:

    “most radical groups”
    “one of the largest civil disobedience actions”
    “fire that transforms the political climate in America”

    This protest clearly isn’t Occupy Wall Street. It’s against Donald Trump, a presidential candidate.

    I’m almost a senior citizen, a Christian, a family man, and I’m pretty conservative, and I don’t want Donald Trump to be President because of what he has said and done. I would march in this if other responsibilities didn’t prevent that. So, forget the fear-mongering. Wait to see what happens. It might be a lot of peaceful people – and it might even be that Trump supporters make trouble. It’s happened before.

    By the way, I can’t help wondering if a lot of the propaganda on youtube against specific wasn’t funded by Donald Trump. Some of them are clearly not images of the groups claimed in the video.

    How about this. Instead of protesting a protest – which is legal, how about letting people protest and see if they break the law before judging them, instead of being manipulated into overreacting by propaganda list this article.

    • Good grief, your research skills are horrible. Sentinel has been around since February 2011 and does not expire in March. George Soros is an evil man who supports leftist causes, magazines and protests. He is behind the Shadow Party network.

      I don’t support Trump. The Sentinel does not support any particular candidate until after the primary. The riots are clearly the same people that were in Occupy as I have attended most of these rallies/protests.

      Go to the website Democracy Spring and read all of this for yourself.

      By the way, I hardly think you are an elderly Christian man who is innocently opposed to Trump.

      If you were serious and if you researched George Soros, you would have found his many leftist organizations such as Open Society.

      We are not in Utah, we’re in NY. On the other hand, you sent this from Utah and guess who was in Utah recently – that’s right – Bill Ayers, MoveOn, The Revolutionary Communist Party, People4Bernie, Assata’s Daughters, Black Lives Matter, etc.

    • If you researched soros did you find out he sold out his own Jewish community during the holocaust ???? Some stand out guy he is there buddy !!! There’s way more to GS than is even reported lately but your ignorance baffles me and many others I’m sure !!!!! I’d try to do a better job at researching before ever trying to sound smart again if I were you buddy !!!!

  3. The article is a good one and I’ve posted it. However, Soros cannot be “subversive.” He is the establishment and cannot, by definition, subvert anything. Civil Disobedience is just another way to keep power. You assume that state power is the only public authority. Unfortunately, it is the weakest of all.

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