Suffolk County Agenda 21 – Alert!

17 Acre "Blighted" Area in Manhattanville According to NYS

A NYS agency declared 17 acres in Manhattanville “blighted” because Columbia wanted it as part of their huge expansion. Even though the school owns most of the land already, they want it all and the few holdouts are threatening to go to court.

Now I ask you, does this area look “blighted” to you? It’s an industrial area and looks the way it should look. Read here: The Gothamist

Why am I telling you this? Because this is going on all over the country, but New York State is the worst offender.

Watch out Suffolk County!!! It’s happening to you!

There is an important meeting tomorrow and all residents of Suffolk & Nassau County need to attend whether you are for or against Agenda 21. This meeting will prove informative. Here is their flyer. Register for the event here.

Suffolk County Town Hall Meeting – 31 January 2012 @ The Dennison Bldg.

Join Suffolk County for a town hall meeting discussing programs that “link open space protection to downtown revitalization” on Tuesday, January 31, at the H. Lee Dennison Building (Media Room) in Hauppauge, NY from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Speakers will include:
Paul Beyer; New York State Department of State
Jennifer Cribbs; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Adrienne Esposito; Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Michael Kelly; Long Island Builders Institute

The meeting will include a presentation on the work of the New York–Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium, a collaboration of local governments and regional planning organizations. Discussion will also include Suffolk County’s efforts to accommodate population growth while protecting natural resources through transfer of development rights programs.

The New York-Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium is a partnership working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other federal agencies to create economic opportunity, housing options, transit and a better quality of life for you and your community.

Learn how the partnership is working to expand job and housing opportunities; Suffolk and Nassau are participating as part of this effort; to obtain preferred status for federal grant applications; and how you can get involved.

Sustainable Long Island’s works in dozens of communities across Long Island. This work is made possible in partnership with our vaious community partners; who are critical to the success of long-term community development.

A typical agenda during s specific meeting may include updates on the status of pending, planned, and/or in-progress projects, a roundtable of community issues, and community announcements and upcoming events.


The main question I have is, what does the following statement on their notice mean?

“…accommodate population growth while protecting natural resources through transfer of development rights programs…”

Who are they transferring development rights to and what do these people have to do to get these rights? I notice a builder boss named Michael Kelly will speak and I want to know whose campaigns he donates to and how important his union is in this situation.

Another concern I have is in their subject line – “link open space protection to downtown revitalization.”  Revitalization often means NYS government officials think areas are “blighted” and that enables them to take the property via Eminent Domain. They then can give the projects to favored builders while they keep some of the land for the government – that’s a little Marxist.

I’m not saying I know this is their goal, but I’d like to know before they move ahead. People in Suffolk & Nassau County need to go to the meetings and find out.

Are these groups planning to develop much-needed affordable housing or stack and pack everyone because the government owns much of the land? I am very supportive of protecting our environment and I do want renewable energy included in our future, but I do not trust the UN version, Agenda 21/ILEI, which seems to include more cronyism and Marxism than I care to accept. We need to keep our eye on this situation.

Here is the video of the meeting –