Susan Rice Suggests Americans Hate Arabs, Calls Israelis An Occupying Force


Susan Rice

Susan Rice used her speech before the Arab American Institute’s Annual Kahlil Gibran Gala yesterday to suggest Americans hate Arabs and Israelis are an occupying force.

I wasn’t aware that there was any big movement filled with hate aimed at Arabs. Americans don’t like radical Islamists who want to kill them. They don’t have a problem with Arabs.

The administration believes in divide and conquer. Separating people into groups and classes and then pitting one against the other is an effective age-old tactic to elevate the evil people willing to use it as a means to an end.

When people claim there is hate where there is none, they are actually creating hate and discontent and that’s what Rice is doing here. The left continually does it, whether intentional or not, whether they believe it or not, I can’t say, but hate towards Arabs is not a serious problem in this country.

These are two paragraphs where she spreads hate in the name of condemning it.

That’s the ethos behind AAI. We need to hear Arab-American voices and concerns just as we need to hear from every American—regardless of heritage or faith; gender, race, or sexual orientation. And, it’s up to all of us to push back against the hatred and ignorance that are so damaging to our country and our world. So, thank you, AAI, for your leadership representing this proud and vital community. Let me also add my congratulations to tonight’s honorees for the enormous good you do as advocates and educators


As a country, in the 30 years since AAI was founded we’ve come a long way. You’ve led the way to overcome barriers of exclusion and intolerance, and to make sure Arab Americans are full participants in our democracy. You’ve helped shape our government’s response on a range of civil rights and civil liberties issues, leading coalitions to ensure all ethnic and religious minorities receive equal protection under the law. And, I’m so proud that AAI is supporting the next generation of Arab-American leaders who will continue to strengthen our country.

She called Israel an occupying force once again.

We know what a peace agreement should look like—Israel and an independent Palestine both need secure and recognized borders, based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. There must be robust provisions for Israel’s security. The occupation must end, and the Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves in their own sovereign state. That’s why, like every U.S. administration since 1967, we have opposed Israeli settlement activity and efforts to change facts on the ground. It only makes it harder to negotiate peace in good faith.

There are suggestions by the administration that the US will abandon Israel at the UN and indeed the left is switching allegiance to the Palestinians over the Israelis. Read the rest of her speech here to evaluate according to your own views.

She also insisted that there are no military solutions for anything which is why we are no longer serious actors in a world burdened with terrorists.



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