Tennessee Rep Says ISIS Should Be Allowed Free Speech on College Campuses



While presenting a bill dubbed the “Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act,” Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, resounded to a question from Rep. John DeBerry Jr., D-Memphis, about whether he believed ISIS should be able to stand in the middle of university campuses and “recruit for ISIS.”

“Yes,” Daniel replied. “So long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceedings on that campus. Yes sir. They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause. I think it’s just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints.”

The remarks came after a debate about the bill, which Daniel said “would direct schools to observe freedom of speech on campus.”

Rep. Daniel was concerned in particular about a requirement at Middle Tennessee State University, which he said forces students interested in handing out literature on the school’s property to fill out an application five days in advance. He added that Tennessee State University had a policy that prohibits disruption in any form on its campus.

The bill has been withdrawn.

He responded and said that the law already bans recruitment by ISIS. He will reintroduce it after the summer.

Rep. Daniel took to Facebook and condemned ISIS but stuck with his very strong defense of the First Amendment right to free speech as a guaranteed.

What do you think?


His response to the inevitable criticism:

Source: The Tesnnessean

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6 years ago

WTF is ISIS doing on US campuses? Shouldn’t we be fighting ISIS instead of educating them? ISIS wants to kill Americans, and these idiots r worried abt their rights

6 years ago

Of course it’s a good idea to let freedom include ISIS; this could eventually lead to the U.S. staying off the other side of the planet with our tax funded war machine and State Department. We “the U.S.” {more than anyone else} are the ones who got the whole thing stirred up. We pay for oil like good customers should{we have the money also more than most} and let Americans support Israel who want to support Israel{meaning no American taxed to support Israel} things should settle down. If we keep going we “the U.S.” will probably be hit with back pack nukes in our cities; most likely New York city.

6 years ago
Reply to  Don

yeeeeeahhhhh. because until the US started buying oil from the ME it was a peaceful place….