Tens of Millions of Obamacare Dollars Slated for Planned Parenthood



Photo of babies with one out of three aborted

Reuters reported Friday that ‘the Obama administration announced…that Planned Parenthood will receive taxpayer Obamcare dollars to serve as navigators.’

Planned Parenthood can and will navigate everyone right to their abortion clinics or to their education center which teaches sex without morals. [CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE OVER 18 AND CAN HANDLE PP’S DISGUSTING TEEN INSTRUCTION]

In 2012, Mr. Obama violated his own Executive Order with an HHS mandate requiring all health care plans cover, without fees or co-pays, sterilization, artificial contraception and abortion-inducing drugs. In doing so, Obama violated his own deal to not cover abortions with tax dollars.

In 2011, President Obama made a phony deal with a group of faux “pro-life” Democrat Congressmen, led by then Congressman Bart Stupak.

The deal was that if the group of Congressmen would forego their concern that Obamacare provided funding for abortions – which it does – and vote for the bill, President Obama would sign an Executive Order which he promised would “ensure that Federal funds are not used for abortion services.”

Obviously that was a lie. Joe Wilson was right.

In the next video, Mr. Obama promised that no federal dollars would be spent on abortion. He also promised conscience laws would remain in place. He did lie!

In the next video, a misguided Rep. Conyers seems unaware of the tax dollars going to abortion:

Planned Parenthood is a genocidal utopia, founded by Margaret Sanger They make their money off abortion.

Obama is a fanatical supporter of abortion, even post-birth abortion or born-alive abortions. Planned Parenthood appears to be of the same opinion.

In this next video, Obama refers to born-alive infants as fetuses:

Planned Parenthood not only believes in late-term abortions – until the moment of birth – they believe born-alive abortions are up to the doctor. I don’t remember that being in the Hippocratic Oath.

Listen to the following video in which a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood told Florida lawmakers about four months ago that what doctors do with babies who were supposed to be aborted but were instead born alive is the doctors’ business — suggesting murdering babies is okay if the doctor and family agree to it.

That’s entirely up to the doctor, the woman and the family, said Alisa Laport Snow, the lobbyist for Florida’s Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, during a committee hearing in Florida, the Weekly Standard reports.:

Twelve weeks or certainly 22 weeks should be enough time for someone to have an abortion. If a woman can’t decide by then, isn’t it her problem unless of course it involves here life?

Even if you don’t agree, abortion to the moment of birth? Really?

Abortion after the baby is born? Do you really support that too? Is there no line one can draw, is there no compromise? I do NOT want my tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood. How about you?