Tens of Thousands Rally with Farrakhan in DC to Chants of “Down, Down USA”


The Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter, and thousands of militant black nationalist and left-wing hate groups came together on the National Mall on Saturday to spew hate in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. The official theme for the event is “Justice or Else.” Louis Farrakhan kept referencing and had a similar crowd with the attendees reaching down past the reflecting pool. Marin Luther King Jr. but this is what Martin Luther King said:

…I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today.

His dream was a 180 from Louis Farrakhan’s march of hate. He spoke of unity, forgiveness, and tolerance.

You can click this to hear a Native-American woman demand the release of murderer Leonard Peltier who killed two Federal Bureau of Investigation officers in 1975. She started chanting, “Down, Down USA” and the crowd chanted with her.

Down,Down USA

“They have a whole race of indigenous people on reservations, concentration camps. They’re out there killing the indigenous people spiritually,” she said.

Louis Farrakhan is a hate monger who plays on peoples’ fears and hate and uses it to demonize whites, Jews, police and anyone else in his crosshairs.

His speech reached back hundreds of years to find the injustice he wishes to blame on people who live today. He said they are denied the “human right of self-determination”. Leftists made these extremists into a permanently injured class who think they are entitled and who live as victims. The damage they have done will take years to counter if it can be countered at all.

Farrakhan compared the Republican presidential field to a “whore” who was prostituting herself for money. This despicable human being called America “hypocritical” for challenging human rights issues abroad, and said Jews “have no forgiveness in them.”

Republicans seeking the White House are “like the pretty girl showing her wares for someone to buy her,” Farrakhan bellowed from the steps of the Capitol of all places.

“Who wants to be a whore? You think people who put their money behind you don’t expect something from you?”

“This thing has reached the point of explosion,” Farrakhan said. “Even people of color at high places can’t take it no more. It’s like a volcanic explosion that’s coming now.”

Farrakhan criticized blacks for being too tolerant and too forgiving of their abusers.

“Find me a Jew who forgives Hitler,” Farrakhan said. “And they say they’re the children of God, and they don’t have no forgiveness in them.”

Farrakhan is a vile person.

The people in the crowd said they just wanted to be treated equally, they want justice, and they are fighting for justice.

What are they talking about?  The injustice is what they do to themselves.

Barack Obama has no small part in this. He has empowered these groups and now Hillary and the other Democratic candidates are doing the same.

USA Today photo



CORRECTION: We accidentally used the following file photo from WaPo thinking it was from last weekend but it was from 1995. At least this past weekend didn’t draw 800,000.






  1. Check the congressional dome–there is no scaffolding. Picture not taken when is said it was. Don’t believe everything you read.

    • That’s already been corrected Kenneth. We had a pic of the 1995 rally but the pics are updated and the crowds extended to the pool. The Capitol police won’t give estimates any more but it was a lot of prople.

  2. The democratic party is the biggest threat to our National Security. I have never felt as strongly against democrats as I have in the last 7 years.
    The elected officials in this country whether they be the local committeeman or the senators or congressmen that support this administration, and this also includes spineless republicans, are all to blame for the major problems that our Country is facing!!!!
    I USED TO VOTE DEMOCRAT…….PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jesus was king of the Jews. It is not Christians versus Islam. It is the bible versus Islam. Islam is a 1400 year cult.

    Look at every nation in the world it in turmoil all because of radical Islam and their extreme violent tendencies. We wish it weren’t true. http://dcgazette.com/take-five-minutes-watch-spread-islam-via-jihad-crusades/

    Dr. Bill Warner on 1400 years of history:



    We can only go by history. We don’t make this stuff up.

    Take Five Minutes And Watch The Spread Of Islam Via Jihad Before The Crusades ⋆ Dc Gazette

    Now that Barack Obama, the know nothing about history occupier of the oval office, has opened the door to defending this vile tribe. We cannot let Islam win and take our nation now or ever.

  4. Not men of God.

    Someone want to tell me why we allow these terrorist to stay in our country. After 9/11 and many attacks before that. George Bush should have exiled all Muslims and bull dozed all mosques. We are tired of this crap. Americans of all races want some peace and quiet.

    Dear NRA and militias and patriot Americans it is time to escort these haters of america out. We honestly need a fund to remove these haters and traitors to our great nation. We need mercenaries or militias to restore our nation.

    We know their history.

    This is a radical cult period. There is a big difference between blacks in America and Muslims from the Middle East when they finally figure it out it is going to get ugly.





    These guys are terrorist. Rev wright is a domestic terrorist to this country. Rev king would have never accepted these leaders.

    Jesus was a jew. Not a Palestinian.

    This guy makes up history.


    It is time for these traitors to be escorted out of our country. Drop them in the Middle East. Let them learn to appreciate this nation.

    These men are full of hatred. For what they have done to their own people they will have a hard time getting into heaven.

  5. Farrakhan is a Messenger of Islam and he thinks we are the devil and he drools over the thought of killing White people saying it and getting away with it , he is evil and smiles as he says it , he thinks he can force the change of the laws with Violence and indoctrinate hate use it as a Tool to drive this country as a dictator behind the throne Of Obama !

    be prepared find the space to look at the hate and use it against him he wants to throw gas on the police killings and light it on fire … but remember this Freedom is not free so prepare to pay in other words Fight !

  6. PROPAGANDA to make all of you fret. No one thing can be done about propaganda except to war against the occult. Choose a method to war and commit. I suggest getting the Testimony of Messiah. Spread truth. Quit talking. S. Noble is a troll and if you cant see it your blind.

  7. The picture they are showing here with the huge crowd at that mall is from the Million Man March in October of 1995. I am unable to attach the correct photo but know I know this independentsentinel is just another disinformation site.

    • All of the pictures came from WaPo and CNN who indicated they were taken this past weekend along with a couple 1995 file photos for comparison. I’ve since removed the 1995 photos.

      • you need to wake up. when US truckers jammed the highways of DC the news reported that there was no one yet many many people took film from atop bridges of trucks jamming highways all around the city circle. When the million biker rally occurred when the streets of DC were packed the media showed NOTHING and the cameras that are supposed to show live feed of DC showed empty streets. PROPAGANDA, WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED BY A COMMUNIST MINDED GOVERNMENT. I talked with people who were there and there was easily a million people present during that bike rally. They showed the million muslim march and lied and said it was muslims showing up when in reality only about two dozen muslims showed up and all the people were there for a 2nd amendment rally, in support of….you seriously need to get a clue.

    • I did put a file photo up and it’s since removed. All the photos are from last weekend. We never intentionally try to “disinform.”

  8. who cares this loser is just going to shoot his mouth off if he want’s a race war there will be very few blacks alive when its over. the rally was just unemployed Obama supporters.

  9. The problem today is that the youth is so gullible. Does anyone believe that Farrakhan, Black Panthers, or the leaders of the BLM movement, would actually go out and kill white people or police. You know that these people will rile up the young and watch it go down in their offices on their wide screen TV’s, do you really think that these people want to take a chance of going to prison or getting killed themselves.

  10. this pitiful excuse of a man. He thinks he could be GOD and lead his own world. He is as bad as Sudam. He needs to be assanated. We can work our problems out here in the USA…always hav. Proud to be a Christian, born in these United States, and will die to defend our freedom against ANYONE..

  11. Blacks are being indoctrinated by Islam by these extremists in jails and in the hoods. They are outgunned and outnumbered and if they awaken the sleeping giant they will be millionman death march! As well as any Islamic scumbag wanting to poke the American eagle!

  12. He’s a Raciest and needs to be Stopped! He has no clue of what America is all about. If you don’t like it, then I suggest you go back to Africa. Hatred is not the answer. He’s brainwashing the young people. Shame on you! Nothing but an Evil man! Get a life!

  13. If you hate it so bad here… And it’s Down With America… Then leave… No one makes you stay here. Good riddance. And really…. If BLACK LIVES MATTER so much… Then why are you killing each other off at a faster rate thru murder and abortion than any other way could. Maybe you should start cleaning your own house first before throwing stones at other people. Your main problems are within your own race… Or don’t those lives matter.

  14. The man needs to be imprisoned for spewing such hatred.If a white man said the stuff he said the black would be screaming racism.Expect nothing less from a Malcolm X disciple.The man makes me puke.How anyone can follow him is even more sickening.

  15. These muslims are getting into weak people’s minds, taking advantage of the toxic environment that Obama, the muslim president, have created. The American people following him rather go chant against their own country, instead of the muslims, who are the ones trying to kill us all. Do they think that if the muslims succeed in killing us, they will be spared?

    • Amen! The Muslim brotherhood cares NOTHING of the plight or perceived plight, of anyone other than the agenda of theirs, which is to murder as many innocent people -infidels- as possible. And, Barry has opened the door even wider. What I find interesting are these groups screaming about injustice and racism -YOY CANNOT SOLVE INJUSTICE AND RACISM WITH INJUSTICE AND RACISM. These groups are dripping with racism and disdain. Disgraceful. Dr. King had a true reason to fight, and he fought honorably and with grace; these people know nothing of either.

  16. Why use a fake picture of a crowd at the National Mall? It is under construction and is shut down to the public. I checked the National Mall web cam and there was no one there at all today.

    • Dear Katie, do not get paranoid. Farakhan is a lunatic. Who is advocating hatred. What you are saying is no different from him. No government will allow this to happen and majority of the blacks are not stupid to follow his call. Farakhan is using religion and color to push his agenda. I have been to your country many a time and you people has evolve together beautifully. There are a small minority on both sides who still can let go the racial attitude like Farakhan. What he seeking is attention. He is also suffering from inferiority complex. Like the saying goes and empty mind is the devil workshop. United you stand and divided you fall. Arms is the root to all evil. There might be some crazy guys who will do stupid things, that where you have your police force to take care. If everyone take the law into their hands then there will be chaos. The citizens should be alert and play their part to report any suspicious element to the proper authority. Talking about arming will make things worse because they can do the same . For the sake of your children and their children future is more important. The younger generation will definitely evolve further and for the better. There will be a day that you can all proudly say that you are all one. God Bless

      • You have visited our country many times? I appreciate and support your freedom of having and espousing your point of view, but maybe you should actually try living in the U.S., in say Chicago, before you ask us Americans to support your stance.

      • You must be living in some fools paradise somewhere. The government has not and won’t prevent this. In fact they have been working hard to promote the coming race war. It’s sad but true.

      • Unfortunately, your statements ” that no government would allow this (civil unrest) to occur and that we have our police to protect us” is far off the track. While we,as a nation have come a long way to overcome our divisions, we are not perfect. Human nature being what it is, there will always be feelings of distrust bubbling beneathe the surface. Europeans always lecture us on our lack of tolerance, and pride themselves on their inclusiveness, yet Europe invented the Gas Chambers….not just the Germans, but most other nations went along with the slaughter.
        The current regime here in the US has done more to create a divided nation than any outside movement could have ever dreamt of. What the Soviets could not do in 40 years, Øbama has done in less than 8 years. He has successfully created a virulent class warfare, economic and spiritual destitution amongst his own people, he encourages and even financially supports the wholesale slaughter of the next generations, he has deprived millions of any hope of bettering themselves by destroying our economy and now he wants to completely destroy our Constitution.
        Depriving law abiding citizens of the ability to protect themselves will only serve his purpose of total subjugation of our citizentry. Every successful tyrant disarmed their people.
        Rely on the police to protect you? From people like Screwy Louie has feeding at his trough of hatred? Øbama’s minions want us to post “GUN FREE ZONE” signs to scare off the bad guys. Good luck with that.

      • Michael, As you are correct in your statement you must understand until Obama and the Attorney General speak out against this kind of clown Farakhan and others like him and settle things down and to help the these people it will be a long time before peace is restored. Jobs leave this country every day and I don’t believe the government can do anything or want to do anything to stop it. Also you cannot continue to take from people who have worked hard for their money and keep giving it to people who don’t even try to work and just continue to live off the government.
        Unless the government steps up and does its job I can see another civil war in this country and it will be because Obama’s buddies Jackson , Farakhan and the black panthers.

      • So what you’re telling us is not to believe our own lying eyes. Tell the Jewish people Hitler was just a hate monger with no bite, anf had an “In-Fuhrer,” complex. If we don’t no our history we are destined to repeat it. Chew on this for a while. Actor Randy Quaid appeared in court yesterday on charges he cross the Canadian border into America illegally. Now I don’t know Randy Quaid’s politics, but I can bet you he’s a Republican. Never the less, I hope and pray you are correct in your observations. And thank you for your input.

        • dr. david james Manning, a black pastor, said black people r the most racist people. RFor one thing they do not support abortion, gay marriges, etc, and they do not hate blacks republican is more moral than other party.
          Oh, your comparison to the Jews and Hitler has nothing to do with this now get off your racist horse ass.

      • When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. These blacks of today forget that 350,000 white men died fighting to end slavery. Most blacks in the US [85% or so] hate whites because of our skin color. Blacks are the most racist people I’ve ever encountered. If it does come to a war, the blacks will lose because they are still a minority. many people are clamoring for the war to begin because they are tired of the endless rhetoric by people like Farrakan and th constant attacks on white people by the blacks. Remember Christian Channon. If you don’t know who she was you don’t know a thing about the attitude of blacks toward whites in this country.


        • I totally agree with James. Every thing he’s saying is true. Black people only focus on black deaths by white people but dont say a thing about all the deaths of blacks by blacks and deaths of whites by blacks. I have black friends, but they’re good, not bad. But the majority are ignorant and self centered.

      • Sorry Querido, but it is much safer to be armed than disarmed. You can not stop insanity, so what our country needs is more mental help. In the cities that have the strictest gun control, there are more home invasions and more robberies. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, DC are great examples of gun control with the highest murders. I agree on your other points about Farakhan, but it is terrible that there are so many ignorant people that follow him and his evil agenda…God help us. Also look up Australia, after they confiscated the guns, the criminals and law enforcement still had them. More home evasions, robberies and deaths since they took away the guns.


      • Very well said Michael , you are 100% correct , unfortunately you are a bit mistaken if you don`t think a minority on both sides don`t have the ability to create a very large problem in our society , history has shown us time after time what a lunatic minority is capable of ! GOD bless you !

      • Did you see that crowd? Easily 20,000 people. Do you know what 20,000 armed people could do to a city whipped into a rage by Farakahn? We saw what a few thousand did in Baltimore, armed with bricks. That’s a hostile takeover waiting to happen.

      • This needs to happen. Our government is corrupted to the point that any change only benefits the rich. The poor are beaten and harassed by police. The color doesn’t matter. We’ve been lied to by our government and and the history books. The country needs to fight for its rights, or we will never have them


        • there are a higher number of blacks holding gobernment jobs than any other race. The KKK was created by DEMOCRATS. You know the party of slavery of hatred of Jim Crow laws. Pinehoe, you are an idiot who doesnt even have a third grade education. You blame whites for every problem in your life. How about look in the mirror. If your life is bad it is YOUR fault. Blacks have more rights in this country than any other race. You need to join us in the real world.

      • Thank u Michael Fernando, you are right……from one left wing extremist to another right wing extremist.

        Please people, learn to meditate. Learn to love one another. There is plenty of pie to go around, there is no need for worry.

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