Terror-phobic Sports Junky Obama a National Embarrassment




Spring is traditionally the season when sports talk turns to baseball. With President Obama’s attending, hours after the slaughter of innocents in Brussels, a Havana exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Cuban National Team, he moved beisbol into the political realm.

Given that connection, this may be a good time to use a hardball metaphor to recap Barack, the sports junky’s, cavalier attitude towards Islamic terrorist attacks.


Strike One!

In late August of 2014, minutes after a very brief statement discussing the beheading of United States journalist, James Foley, our Commander in Chief made a beeline to the Farm Neck Golf Club on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. He was photographed yucking it up on the golf course with his buds. Weeks later, after a firestorm of criticism, he said, “….I should’ve anticipated the optics.”

Strike Two!

Obama is a no-show, on Sunday, January 12th, 2015, as more than a million people and over 40 world leaders gathered in Paris to show solidarity after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Whitehouse.gov showed no public schedule for the prez on that day. There was, however, a much anticipated NFL Playoff matchup on TV that day. Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck was facing off against his Colts’ predecessor, Denver Bronco’s Payton Manning. The former upset the latter 24-13. Perhaps, learning from the “bad optics” generated months before, pics of POTUS were not readily made available.

Strike Three! You’re Out!….if only

And finally this question for all our umpires at home. Hours after Islamic terrorists slaughtered innocents in Brussels, what could possibly have been a greater national embarrassment than watching our glib president attending a baseball game, and happily joining a murderous communist thug in doing the wave? Answer: If the hardball loving Cubans had convinced the gullible, throwing challenged, narcissist, Barack Obama to toss out a ceremonial “first pitch”.



  1. I do not think the Country can stand the suspense of extra innings, anymore so than relief pitcher Hellary !! I know I can’t ! Great corollary !

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