Terrorists Will Be Given Amnesty


have we forgotten

Immigration reform pits pro-reform groups comprised of progressives and various ethnic and business groups against NumbersUSA, the Center for Immigration Studies and the Federation for American Immigration Reform who want to see the numbers of illegals coming across the border reduced.

Daily Caller reported on a February 14th article in WaPo which said that a meeting took place between Senate staffers and Rubio aides who described the pro-illegal immigration groups as unholy, anti-Christian misanthropes.

It has been kept relatively quiet because all the parties involved want to get the reform passed. It will come back to haunt Rubio but not now.

This reform is being rushed through and we have done nothing about the suspected terrorists who are entering the US through our porous borders.

President Obama in his SOTU talked about getting immigration reform done in a few months. A few months! President Obama also wants to give illegals visas so they can stay here, even if they are criminals as long as they haven’t spent more than a year in jail.

In 2010, Rep. Sue Myrick warned that the South American Iranians and Lebanese terrorists were possibly forming partnerships with drug cartels. She sent a letter to Janet Napolitano to ask for a special task force to study it. Napolitano said it was unnecessary.

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“It is vital we know what is happening on our border, especially as crime and violence continue to rise there and as terrorist plots and threats are increasing inside the U.S.,” she [Myrick] wrote.

Myrick outlined a complex set of potential threats and evidence of their existence. She said “Iranian agents and members of Hezbollah” are thought to be learning Spanish in Hugo Chavez-run Venezuela before trying to obtain false documents to enter the United States as purported Mexicans. She said Hezbollah, known for its tunnel-digging skill, could be receiving drug money from cartel operations in exchange for help forging better tunnels across the U.S. border for trafficking.

She said gang members in prisons in the American southwest are starting to show up with tattoos in Farsi, implying a “Persian influence that can likely be traced back to Iran and its proxy army, Hezbollah.”

Investigative reporter Adam Housley said in February, 2011 that the threat of terrorists coming across our borders was not “if” but “how many.”

“’Hezbollah are absolute masters at identifying existing smuggling infrastructures,” says former DEA Chief of Operations Mike Braun, adding that the group “is developing relations with those responsible for operating those smuggling operations and then forming close relations with them, so that they can move anything they have an interest into virtually anywhere in the world.’ That comment comes from former DEA Chief of Operations Mike Braun. He goes on to tell me that the Middle East terror group is “rubbing shoulders” with drug cartels around the globe.”

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“In June 2011, a computer hacker group, Luiz Security, targeted the Arizona Department of Public Safety claiming to have recovered a document from the Tucson Police Department mentioning the presence of Hezbollah militants operating on the U.S. border with Mexico.” [cricon]

It was only a month later when the Gatestone Institute, July, 2011 reported the following:

In the fall of  2010, the Tucson Police Department arrested Jameel Nasar, who attempted to establish a Hezbollah network in Mexico and in South America to target Israeli and Western interests.

A study done by Georgetown University found that the number of immigrants from Lebanon and Syria living in Mexico exceeds 200,000. Along with Iran, Syria is one of Hezbollah’s strongest financial and political supporters, and Lebanon is its country of origin.

In 2009, after Jamal Yousef [ a former member of the Syrian military] was arrested in New York City, it was learned that weapons stolen from Iran by Yousef’s cousin, an alleged Hezbollah member, were stored in Mexico.

In August 2011, cricon reported that the U.S. Department of State acknowledged that Hezbollah has a meaningful presence in Mexico but believes the vast majority of its activity is financial.

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, in October, 2011, released a report concluding that Hezbollah “is using the Western Hemisphere as a staging ground, fundraising center, and operation base to wage asymmetric warfare against the United States.” Entitled The Mounting Hezbollah Threat in Latin America,the report also pointed out that “evidence indicates Hezbollah is sharing its terrorist experiences and techniques with Mexican drug cartels along the US border.” [AEI]

Last July, Big Sis testified that terrorists come through the border from time-to-time:

In October 2012, Mansour Arbabsiar, an Iranian-American, pled guilty to being part of an Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Arabian Ambassador while he was on US soil. Arbabsiar thought he was hiring members of the Los Zetos drug cartel for $1.5 million. Mr. Arbabsiar said he had agreed to participate in a plan, which involved co-conspirators in the Iranian military, that initially called for kidnapping the ambassador, and it evolved into a plot to kill him in Washington. [NY Times]

The Iranian government denied involvement and blamed the accusation on an American-Zionist plot to corrupt public opinion.

DHS estimates that they apprehend roughly 1 out of every 10 who enter here illegally. When our government tells us that we have 11 million illegals here, you can be sure that it is far more.

The numbers of illegals passing over our southern border who are Other Than Mexican claiming citizenship from countries sponsoring terrorism are increasing at an alarming rate.

We cannot seriously consider passing immigration reform without securing the border and we must find out who the illegals are who are here now.

9/11 will be a walk in the park if we don’t.







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