One Of Our Own Lost In The War On Terror – Master Sgt. Tara Jacobs Brown


Master Sgt. Tara Jacobs Brown

One of Long Island’s own lost her life in Afghanistan. She was pilot, Air Force Master Sgt. Tara Jacobs Brown age 33. Formerly of Hempstead, Sgt. Brown died just days before Osama bin Laden. It is for people like Master Sgt. Tara Brown that Osama needed to be obliterated from the face of this earth. In the end, he is the one who gladly admitted to murdering innocents in the WTC and who killed countless military personnel. He made his bones off the Embassy bombings. This young woman, this brave young woman, gave her life for us. She was married only last year to Sgt. Ernest Brown. God bless Tara Brown and may she be at peace. Read here: Obituary


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